August 13, 2010


Time for a honeymoon recap! Bryan and I cruised to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau on the Carnival Miracle. To no surprise, our trip was full of beautiful beaches...
Being in love :)

But also...FOOD! Here are some of the highlights:

An exquisite tuna tartare appetizer.

Surf and Turf.

A perfect filet mignon.
Melt in your mouth. This was paired with wasabi horseradish mashed potatoes...drooool.

A (very large!) porterhouse.

Not a huge fan of the texture of duck, but see that little pizza creation on the side? TOO DIE FOR!

An overwhelming chocolate dessert platter.

And one of our favorites, white chocolate cake.
Which we ate all of...of course!

These pictures are hardly reflective of all I ate on this cruise. I'm talking three large meals a day (sometimes more)...multiple desserts at every meal...and lots and lots of indulging. Just as you should on vacation! Now...back to the grind!

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