July 12, 2010


First day back to blogging and I already forgot to take a picture of breakfast, argh!!

It was nice to have a week off from taking pictures. Sometimes it feels like a chore! And I still stayed on track with healthy eating :)

This past weekend was my bachelorette party...
(Beautiful bridesmaids outside a winery) and a while ago I had set the weekend aside to indulge. And I did. Lots of wine, cheese, and chips and dips galore. We ate, we drank, and were very merry.

But alas, back to healthier eats.

Today's breakfast was fresh strawberries and a corn muffin top. The muffin was a little dry, and the strawberries weren't quite sweet enough, but I was still happy.

A whole-wheat wrap with roasted chicken and coleslaw mixed with honey mustard. I LOVE coleslaw and found that using honey mustard is a very tasty alternative to fatty mayo. I also had blueberries and baked chips. A pretty satisfying lunch I must say.

Dinner was similar. Same chicken and coleslaw mix but no wrap.
Less carbs equals less filling of course, so I also had a big bowl of oatmeal.
Maple and brown sugar oatmeal, a bit of almond butter, and some cool whip. Doesn't this look like hot chocolate?! Didn't taste like it, but the cool whip was a really nice addition.

Just in case you're wondering, there are nineteen days until my wedding!! And only ten more days of work. (Not that I'm counting...yayyyy) BUT, that means only nineteen days to make sure I am in great shape! After all, who doesn't want to look their best on the most important of their life!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend!! You're getting married on the 31st, right? That's the same day as my brother's wedding- too funny!!

  2. Yay for your bachelorette party love!!!! Sounds amazing!!! Wine and great food!!!

    Yay for your wedding, Im so excited for you!! I cant wait to see pics from it!!!

    Oh funnel cakes with apples on top are the best, and strawberries on top too are yum!!


  3. It sounds like you had a great time! I love wine, cheese, and crackers! they should be a food group ha.

    I can't wait to see your wedding pictures! 19 days! gasp

  4. welcome back. looks like your bachelorette was a blast!!