July 15, 2010

Better in Bowls.

I find that I eat a lot of my meals out of bowls. I had to make a conscious effort tonight to not put my dessert into a bowl. Bowls make eating easier...no?

Bowl number one.
Oatmeal! This batch was maple and brown sugar mixed with PB2 and Crofter's Asia. Delicious, filling, and heavy I guess because when I got weighed at the doctor I had gained two pounds since the morning!!

Lunch was the heavenly combination of tuna and guacamole.
(Tunamole) I mixed my tuna with light mayo, and had a gala apple and a pickle on the side. I ate my lunch over the course of an hour or so, so I thought eating slowly would make me feel more full. Negative. Bryan suggested that because I ate so slow I kept digesting everything I consumed. Perhaps?

Dinner in a bowl of course.
A Green Giant veggie mix (just realized these are loaded in sodium and will now be sticking to veggies without sauce) with snap peas, cauliflower, and carrots. I added some shrimp for protein, and topped it all with Dinosaur BBQ cajun seasoning. Yum!

Strawberries, grapes, and cool whip. Oh so good. Would have been better in a bowl, but I gave in to the boring blue plate.

Unfortunately this is not an accurate picture of everything I ate. There was soooo much unnecessary snacking. Dried cranberries, Somersaults, chips, etc., and there may have even been some Twizzlers in there! All followed by (unnecessary) guilt of course. I bummed myself out because this is supposed to be my "kick it up a notch" phase but I'm really strugglin'! So to help myself I took all the snacks I can't resist and "hid" (or just put them in really high places) them. Will it work? We shall see.

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  1. I need to make that tuna/avocado combo again. I only tried it once after reading about it on here but it was absolutely fablous!

    Bowls make everything better-I always have so many to wash and barely any plates I need to wash.