July 20, 2010

Blogger Blooper.

In my last post I told you to stay tuned for pics from my dinner out but I didn't take pictures after all. Oops!


Guess what? No Monday breakfast pic! HOWEVER, I have an excuse! There was no breakfast! I had doctor's appointment at 11am and wasn't allowed to eat before it. That was no fun.

When I got home I gobbled up a veggie sub from Subway.
Wheat sub bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, banana peppers, vinegar and oregano. DE-LISH! I also had an unpictured strawberry yogurt.

I had some serious afternoon snack cravings, possibly because of skipping breakfast. I had...

A FiberGourmet lite cinnamon crumb cake.
Not quite bakery fresh, but not bad either! A nice way to satisfy my (incessant) need for cake :)

I also had a corn muffin top
With PB2. Oh man this snack is just too good to be true. I might just eat this every day!

Then I had a Fuji apple, and then almonds mixed with cool whip and honey...why not?!

Sometimes salads are fun and filling.
Not this one. This was baby spinach, a cut up turkey burger, onions, and honey mustard dressing. I was a little lazy about ingredients which is probably why it was so boring.

So, as always I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast and I felt bad so here:
No one said they had to be my pictures :)
A chocolate brownie Z-bar, (I won this in Tina's givea
way) which was absolutely delicious.

Strawberry banana yogurt. Also very yummy. Chemicals shmemicals. It tastes great!

Lunch was
A half sandwich on whole-wheat with turkey, spinach, tomatoes, and yellow mustard. Plus a jazz apple (my favorite apple I think!) and FiberGourmet cheese crackers. These crackers definitely give 100 calorie Cheez-its a run for their money. The taste isn't Quite as salty, but I hardly missed the salt... Plus you get so many more for less calories! Not too mention all the fiber!

And last but not least...
Dinner! And a pretty good one at that :) Crab meat mixed with a tiny bit of mayo, guacamole, and a few pieces of a toasted tortilla wrap for dipping. I also had garlic cauliflower on the side. If this meal was double the size it would have been heavenly. It was still pretty great, but I needed to snack on some strawberries and almonds after to finally feel full.

Update...five more days of work and eleven more days until my wedding!


  1. I looooove chocolate brownie Z-Bars! Actually, I love all of the flavors. Your wedding is getting so close...I love that it's the same day as my brother's! It'll be a big day for both of us!

  2. Z-Bars are my drug of choice - love them -
    FYI.....give in a little right before the wedding and get your body used to eating a little more than you do now- (I know, look who's talking) but seriously, your little body won't know what hit it when you start eating on the cruise - I'll just say this: "Warm Chocolate Melting Cake" and "Cheese Sampler" - two desserts you are NOT to miss !!