April 22, 2010

Apples and Nuts.

You will see both of those show up a lot in my past few meals.

Wednesday's breakfast was...
Plain ol' maple and brown sugar oatmeal, plus a brokcn up cocopop rice cake spread with some jam. This was difficult to eat in the car. I would have been better off just putting jam in my oats and calling it a day!

I've been having my Naturally More peanut butter and apple butter combo every Wednesday for a while now,
So pb&j for lunch it was! Who likes change anyway? I also had a sliced up gala apple and a bunch of broccoli dipped in tzatziki sauce. Yum!

Broccoli and Cheese with shrimp mixed in, topped off with some Dinosaur BBQ cajun seasoning. I love this meal but it really doesn't fill me up. So I also snacked on some (unpictured) FSTG sweet potato chips and olive chips.

Dessert was a strawberry Kashi bar.
Kinda can't wait to run out of these so I can buy the blackberry flavor again!

Today's breakfast was a cocopop rice cake with some Better n' peanut butter and half a Prana cashew almond bar.
Not overly exciting choices, but it was nice to have something different.

And finally, lunch.
I had cracked pepper turkey on a thin with baby spinach and tzatziki sauce. I also had jalapeno cheese crunchies, a mini apple, and mango peach applesauce. Great, great variety of eats.

So there you have it, lots of apples and nuts!


  1. you always have such healthy eats! the din din looks great but I would also need a snack after that lol

  2. Do you get hungry during the day...or feel tired? Sometimes I get worried because your meals are so itty bitty.

    The Shrip/Broc/Cheese looked great! If it doesn't fill you, add more broccoli and more shrimp.

    Especially now that you're working out a lot more, you need your good calories! :)

  3. Cant go wrong with apples and nuts!!!!!

    So cool you have a star tattoo also, I want to get one on my foot as well!!!!!!!!

    Happy Friday!! xoxo

  4. Apples are definitely one of my favorite foods too, and I love Naturally More PB! That dinner looks yum, though I doubt it would have filled me up either :)