April 17, 2010

Sushi Saturday.

Been lookin forward to this all week!

But first, a recap of dinner, breakfast, and snacks.

Last night I threw together a quick salad.
It had iceberg lettuce, red onion, cucumbers, turkey pepperoni, gorgonzola crackers, and honey mustard dressing. Good, not great. I wasn't really too concerned about dinner though...the only thing on my mind was what I had planned for dessert :)

I had been saving the last of my jar of Naturally More for a special occasion, and what's more special than a Friday night after a long day of work?
Embarrassingly, I didn't want to wait for my oats to cool for OIAJ so I had OIAB instead. This batch consisted of maple and brown sugar oatmeal, some Kopali Organics dark chocolate covered banana pieces (which I like better in something then on their own), and of course, Naturally More. YUMMY...but, I wasn't as full as I thought I'd be and I wound up snacking a lot before bed.

Breakfast was simple and satisfying.
A honey wheat thin with almond butter. When this batch runs out, should I stick to Naturally More or try another brand?

Afternoon snacks...
Dark chocolate covered blueberries and chez cocoa Somersaults. Major sweet tooth today!

And then...it was Sushi Saturday. Tummy, you are so welcome.

We started off with a crawdad bowl appetizer.
Crawdads? Good. Sweet and sour sauce? Great. All fried up? Amazing. And served over white rice. What could be better?

Then, this spread:
Edamame, (crawdad app in the background), and five phenomenal rolls. Bryan had the Carly roll (Escarole and avocado rolled in onion crunches), the Salmon Diablo (diced salmon and minced scallions in a chili garlic sauce), and the Katana roll (crabstick, seaweed salad, and Japanese mayo, rolled in onion crunches). I had the Oakland Roll (snowcrab, Japanese mayo, avocado and hot sauce) and the Happy Crab (crabstick, bacon, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, and Japanese mayo, rolled in onion crunchies). Such good choices!

And of course there was dessert.
Fried cheesecake bites and fried Oreos! With a hazelnut chocolate sauce for dipping. There are no words to describe this dessert! Well, delicious, delectable, mouthwateringly good. I guess those would give you some idea. Oh, and fresh strawberries! Who remembers the fruit when there's fried food around?

Shouldn't every Saturday be Sushi Saturday?


  1. Hey, next time you're in town, you HAVE to hit the new Fairway market in Pelham - You'll go out of your mind !!!! I almost get tears in my eyes when I talk about it - You'll see!!! xoxoxo

  2. I love TJ's dark chocolate treats- never had the blueberries, but i'm sure they're as delicious as everything else! And my dessert at sushi restaurants never looks that good, usually all hey have is green tea ice cream! Jealous :) Hope you're having a great weekend love!