April 2, 2010

Happy, Hot Friday!

As thrilled as I am that today is in the 80's, it feels like we went right from winter to summer and skipped over spring! And I'm a little unprepared! Time to break out the sundresses :)

Even though the weather is gorgeous, I've unfortunately spent most of the day inside. But I've been fairly productive at least!

My day started out with half a honey wheat thin with some almond butter, and a side of frozen green grapes.

Then Bryan and I took our much anticipated trip to the grocery store. Check out all my purchases!
Some of the things I'm really excited about....having Vitatops in my freezer again!! (Double Chocolate), new yogurt flavors...Yoplait banana cream pie and Stonyfield Oikos chocolate. Wegmans doesn't carry Chobani (booo!) so Bryan is going to pick me up some at Top's this week. I'm also excited about the cheddar cheese sticks, strawberry Kashi bars, and southwestern Baked Lays! Soo good!

I had a multigrain thin with light veggie cream cheese, cucumbers and sriracha. On the side I had baked chips, two pickles, and a mini apple. A pretty well balanced lunch if I do say so myself.

After lunch, Bryan and I got right to cleaning the apartment so it would be ready for my family. We finished up just in time! I usually work up a sweat while cleaning so I wore my pedometer this time to see if I was getting a good workout in. Burned close to 100 cals!

My parents had dinner plans tonight and Bryan is working so it was just me and my brother Dan for dinner. He wanted pizza but I decided to opt for a healthier meal. I got portabello bruschetta salmon and spicy red lentil soup from Wegmans.
The salmon was good- not great. The topping was the best part, so I only ate a little more than half. The soup is an old favorite...it reminds me of my big :) So tasty!

I enjoyed my meal but it was very hard to watch my brother scarf down five slices of buffalo chicken pizza.
Mia's is soooo good!

I was feeling pretty full after dinner but I still wanted something sweet so I made myself a nice little fruit plate
With some frozen red grapes and fresh cantaloupe that my mom brought. Delicious!

How did you spend this beautiful day? Hopefully outside!!


  1. all I can say is: YOU HAVE THE MOST ADORABLE BROTHER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;>

    XOXOXOXOX Happy Easter you guys !!

  2. LOL one of my friends put on FB that Wegman's was like a madhouse and from your post, I now know that it's a grocery store....I think??

    I got two hours of pool time in so I am happy, I am just happy it will be gorg as wknd!

  3. it must be so nice to be a teenage boy and getting to eat whatever you want....must be nice lol

    Today was sooooo beautiful! I ended up walking everywhere (about 5 miles) and ran at the track too!

    Enjoy your weekend chica!

  4. Haha, your brother sounds just like mine! He was a stick in HS despite constantly shoving his face, but it definitely caught up with him!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the beautiful weekend!