April 4, 2010

WILLPOWER vs. Holiday Feast

Guess who won? Holidays are always associated with eating (and in my case, over-eating), so I guess I should have known what I was getting into, but I was really hoping that I would have a little more self-control today. But before we talk about today, let's talk about last night.

We had reservations at Black & Blue, one of my favorite restaurants, so I knew I was going to be straying from my healthy ways. I did, however, do my best to control my portions.

I split the chopped salad with my mom, though you would never know by the size.
This combination of bacon, blue cheese, chickpeas, and sweet and sour vinaigrette is simply divine! I ate the whole thing!

Next up was the crab and lobster fondue.
HOLY YUM! That is the only way to describe this. Plus it was a HUGE serving! My mom and I shared this as well and had tons left over. I tried to avoid the doughy pita triangles it came with, and mixed it in with my salad instead.

Bryan enjoyed an appetizer of tuna tartare.
I snuck a bite and this was veryyy tasty.

I wasn't in the mood for red meat so I chose the ahi tuna over steak.
Good call on my part because I was already pretty full from apps, and this was the perfect light meal. And, it was DELICIOUS! It was paired with snap peas, carrots, and potatoes, all in a delectable ginger glaze.

But, you can't go to a steakhouse without a little bite of steak right?
So this lovely lady, aka my beautiful mother, let me try her filet mignon which was coated with melted crumbly blue cheese. Mmmmm. Perfection.

And here's the fiance with his ribeye topped with lump blue crab.
Looked good!

I definitely did not need dessert but I really wanted it, so, I indulged! It was a toss up between the banana cream pie and the white chocolate cheesecake but I went with the one with fruit in the name. That means it's good for you...right? ;)
"Caramelized fresh bananas & banana infused custard with an oreo-cookie crust". Oh yeah, it was as good as it sounds.

Even though I went to bed with a very full tummy, I woke up hungry and refueled with some apple butter oatmeal.
I also enjoyed some unpictured cantaloupe and green grapes.

And then it was time for the Easter feast! Bye bye willpower!

Appetizers are my all time weakness, and this spread didn't make it any easier.
Cheese and crackers, chocolate covered pretzels, goldfish.
Deviled eggs, cream cheese and salsa dip, leftover crab and lobster fondue.
Baked brie and raspberry in a crescent roll!

I tried almost everything, but couldn't stay away from the cheese!

Then we had a wonderful meal of:
Caesar salad.
Asparagus. (And unpictured peas)
Beef bourguignon.
Snappy seafood stew.

My plate:
A little sampling of everything, of course! A delicious meal. My favorite was the seafood stew!

I was too full to go back for seconds, but made room for the amazing desserts. Two trifles - one with chocolately goodness, one with strawberry, both to die for.

Plus some chocolate covered strawberries.

A day of GREAT eats!!!

Not gonna lie, after this feast I snacked incessantly on jelly beans and M&M's. Totally overdid it. Unhappy tummy.

Hope you all had a fabulous day, however it was spent. Happy Easter! And thank you Lord!!


  1. I think if there's one time it's totally okay to indulge, it's the holidays. They only come once a year, right?! And seasonal "tradition" foods are always worth the splurge! Those trifles look like they were absolutely stellar :) Glad you had a good Easter girl, happy Monday!!

  2. if it makes you feel any better, I ate my weight in food also - particularly Aunt Marie's chocolate chip cookies - Today, back to oatmeal and low-fat EVERYTHING! Love you and glad you had fun with your parents and Danny visiting!!


  3. OMG that fondue looks amazing!! And I covered my mouth when I read about your dessert (from fear that I would drool on my laptop!)