April 1, 2010

Short and Sweet

Not going to lie...it's the end of the week and I am POOPED! So this post will be short, sweet, and breakfastless.

I didn't take a picture of my breakfast because it was a repeat of yesterday's: oatmeal and honey peanut butter. I made this batch a bit too watery though and eating it while driving was not very fun.

Lunch was egg salad with real mayo and lots of pepper. Delicious!
I also had green grapes and lots of Dr. Kracker's seeded spelt crackers to dip in the egg salad and in some Crofter's Europe fruit spread. This meal was so tasty and it really filled me up!

Dinner also featured Crofter's... I had Asia fruit spread and dark chocolate dreams on a thin. Love this combination....it's like a peanut butter cup with a raspberry twist.
There was also veggies for dipping in light dressing, and of course, barbecue popchips.

My big April Fool's joke today was that I got to work and texted Bryan and told him the school had no water and was closed. Kinda lame!! Did you fool anyone or get fooled?


  1. I love DCD...such a good combination of flavors! I tried to get my BF to believe that my dad bought an M5 BMW (his fave), but he didn't really buy it. I'm such a bad liar!! Have a great night girl!!

  2. No april fools over here! I promised my fiance I wouldnt prank him! He hates april fools day!!!

    Love those Kays Nacho cheese chips!!! They are my fave chips flavor they have!!!!

    Yes Nasoya mayo is really good!! U should def use that coupon love!!!!

  3. I'm a crappy face to face liar but I can do wonders via text, so I texted my friend Leisha who was away in Florida and told her that I was going to the docs 'cause I thought I might be pregnant and I was panicked - She called me right away and asked if I had taken a home pregnancy test first - The second I said, "No, you can't take a pregnancy test on APRIL 1ST!" - she screamed and was totally shocked that I got her!