April 19, 2010

Sundays are for...


Before I get into today's eats, let me catch you up on the rest of yesterday. Now, I know I've mentioned how much I snack on Sundays. Yesterday was no exception, but all I wanted was SWEET stuff. Very unlike me!

At first I tried to start off slowly...

I had some raspberry jam on a cocopop rice cake.
Yum...but I needed to move on to something bigger and better.

Like Blaster Batter pancakes!
Check out all these fillings!
Mini peanut butter cups, dark chocolate dreams, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate blueberries. Man oh man this was my downfall.
I ate two of these, and then just kept chowing down on the chocolate.

Had to get my salt fix though! (Of course!)
So I made a mini pizza on a thin with turkey pepperoni, onions, and shredded mozzarella.

I also tried to make a protein muffin since I finally had the ingredients on hand...
But failed! This tasted like air, so I tossed it.

And finally...Monday meals.

Breakfast was vanilla yogurt with some Honey Bunches of Oats mixed in.
I love the cereal/yogurt combo!

Lunch was turkey on a thin
With baby spinach and horseradish hummus, and a side of salt and pepper popchips. I also had pear sauce....which I know I wasn't raving about...but now that I only have one left I'm a little sad. Haven't seen these babies in Wegs!

For dinner I had a whole-wheat wrap
With iceberg lettuce, onions, cucs, feta, and tzatziki. (Repeat from last week) Yum! I also had a cinnamon roll pudding (it's sugarfree...and tasted it...bleh), jalapeno cheese crunchies, and some grapes. Good meal!

Bummed tonight because I have this really bad pain on the right side of my chest and it's keeping me from working out. Blah!


  1. Love Cocopops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best ever!!!! Loving the pancakes too, I have seen that batter blaster at whole foods before!!!!!

  2. What are Blaster Batter cakes and how do you make them?? I am loving the add ins!

    Hope you're chest feels better-that does not sound pleasant at all.

  3. Woah wait a second? Your pancakes come out of a can???? lol

    ouch I hope you feel better honey, take it easy...

  4. I thought the cinnamon roll pudding was delicious!

    Oh well, more for me?

  5. OUCH.. feel better love!! im so sorry!!
    sorry about the pro cake fail girl!
    mmm chemical yogurt.. REPRESENT!

  6. HOLY WOW do those pancake mix-ins look awesome, especially with the Dark Chocolate Dreams. Batter Blaster looks amazingggg!! I used to be obsessed with sugar free pudding, but once I started eating smaller amounts of the real stuff I totally lost my taste for it. Real food is so much better, no? Hope you have a great day love!!