April 6, 2010


On any other day, three could mean a lot of things...the number of meals I ate, the number of calls I missed, the number of times I made a kid cry, (ha!)...who knows. But today, it means the number of years I've been dating my best friend. Today Bryan and I our celebrating our three year anniversary! We're not doing anything too special tonight, just enjoying some QT with each other, but it's still an exciting day! This is also the last time Bryan and I will celebrate this anniversary, because after July 31st we'll have a new one! Crazy stuff!!

So I simply didn't have time to post last night, so let me catch you up.

Breakfast was a Light & Fit apple pie yogurt and some Kay's french vanilla protein cereal.
(Phone quality pic) I didn't remember buying this flavor yogurt and I wish I realized before I walked out the door because I would have chosen the Kay's apple cinnamon flavor instead for a better match! Oh well. The yogurt was okay - very real apple pie flavor but very fake aftertaste. Not sure if I would buy this again. The cereal was good too but I mixed it in with my yogurt so I couldn't really taste it anyway!

I met Bryan for lunch and he brought me..
A thin with cucumbers, cream cheese, and sriracha, baked chips, and veggies and pine nut hummus. I had a very similar lunch over the weekend and it was so darn good that I just had to recreate it. YUM!

Dinner was a variety of goodies, as always.
I had a thin with cracked pepper turkey, baby spinach, feta, and sriracha (awesome combo!), barbecue popchips, grapes, and a chocolate raspberry parfait. Nothing but good things to say about this meal. Everything was delicious. If only there were more of everything!

This morning's breakfast:
A mini apple (which turned out to be more of a late morning snack) and my first ever Greek yogurt! I was hesitant at first because I tried a bite of the yogurt before I swirled the chocolate around and it had a definite sour cream taste, but once I mixed it with the chocolate I was loving it! Bryan is on his way home right now with some Chobani so I'm really looking forward to trying out tomorrow!

Lunch was an old favorite combo and a new favorite combo.
Old fav: sweet potato chips and almond butter. New fav: Salad with lots of fresh veggies, feta and honey mustard! So good!!!!

Tonight's dinner was a twist on a turkey BLT.
I had half a toasted multigrain thin with cracked pepper turkey, iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, and real bacon bits. So tasty! I paired this with a reduced fat cheddar cheese stick. This meal was lacking fruit and a little light on the veggies, but I'm not too worried :)

Then there was... dessert!
The amazingness that is OIAJ!
I used an almost empty honey peanut butter jar. I made sure to let my oats cool before pouring them in because I've been warned about the dangers of melting plastic! This batch was phenomenal. Oh man. So much peanut butter. So satisfied!

And lastly, my anniversary gift from my future hubby! Disclaimer: We weren't supposed to exchange at all, but he surprised me with this...
A freakin' shoe organizer! This is such a lifesaver! I seriously needed this so bad. He is so thoughtful :) (Don't you love the bow?) Thanks babe!


  1. Congrats on the three year anniversary!! That's a long time :) So cute he got you a shoe organizer- I definitely need one of those too!! Hope you have a great night together!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!! I love that he put a huge bow on it...too cute...

    do you know that I still can't find the new flavored Oikos...so sad =/

  3. Happy anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful night.

    I have that apple pie yogurt...it's very sweet and is a bit fake, but I liked it. I had it with a baked apple.

    By the way...stop by my blog...you won my giveaway!!