April 11, 2010

Too much wedding planning, too little blogging.

Where to start! I haven’t blogged in forever because after work on Thursday Bryan and I packed up and headed down to Westchester to spend time with my family and check (A LOT OF) things off of our wedding to-do list.

So let’s rewind to Thursday’s eats.

I began my day with a bowl of apple butter oats. I think. Thursday seems so long ago!!! But I believe that’s what I had, and I believe it was delicious.

Next came a light lunch of peas (with pepper, garlic, and parmesan), a jam sammy, and some grapes.I was saving my appetite for a magnificent dessert at YOGEN FRUZ!

This time I got my fruits – bananas and strawberries – mixed right into the yogurt, and then topped it with pineapple.HOLY YUM!

Bryan got his mixed with strawberries and pineapple, and topped with kiwi. Also a great combo! Love love fro-yo!

I packed up dinner to eat during the drive home.I had a cucumbers, baby spinach, red onions, and light veggie cream cheese on a multigrain thin. I also had a chocolate raspberry parfait, a 100 calorie pack of cinnamon roll thins, and the last of my barbecue popchips. The star of this meal was the cinnamon roll thins! So tastyyyy.

Friday’s breakfast was a bowl of cinnamon roll (overdoing it with the cinnamon stuff?) oatmeal.The flavor was good, but it may have been a stretch to call it “cinnamon roll”… “oatmeal smothered in cinnamon” would have been more appropriate.

I had packed up a lunch for Friday before we left because I have a VERY hard time controlling my portions when I’m home with my family. I had thin with turkey, baby spinach, sriracha, and feta and some baked chips. I had also packed a vanilla chobani but I don’t think it survived the car ride… it did not taste good! So I had to toss it L I also snuck a few bites of some of the other cold cuts and chips my family was enjoying.

The highlight of Friday was getting to meet my new baby cousin! My second cousin, Alyssa Marie, was born four weeks ago and I finally got to see her. There is nothing to not love about this child. She is amazing!This is a picture of my grandma with Alyssa, her first great-grandchild! I love this picture…Two gifts from God.

Another exciting part of my day…a trip to Trader Joe’s!

I had been looking forward to this for weeks!

We made out with so much good stuff! I’ve already tried almost everything we bought and have been very happy. See how happy!?

Dinner was eaten in many different parts. First, some fresh veggies…Sideways, for whatever reason.

And some homemade guacamole.One of Bryan’s best batches! I used the fresh veggies for dipping instead of chips to be just a bit healthier :)

Then, a lovely baby spinach salad with some kind of berry balsamic vinaigrette, dried blueberries, pistachios, and walnuts. Probably ate about ¾ of this! So good!!

Next up was ahi tuna in a sauce called Island Soyaki.Bryan cooked this meal for my family and we could not get over how good it was! To die for!!!

My plate:

Happy tummy.

Saturday started out with a gala apple. We were going to be tasting cakes for our wedding so I didn’t want to eat much! I wish I had taken pictures of the cakes we tried, but I felt a little weird about it. We decided on a simple, elegant cake with chocolate mousse and canoli fillings. Very excited!

Cake tasting got me in the mood for sweets so I had a pb&j sandwich for lunch with dark chocolate dreams and grape jelly. I also had some honey sesame sticks (TJ’s) which are PHENOM and leftover spinach salad. The salad wasn’t really doing it for me this time so I switched over to some raisin bran clusters.Loveddd these.

Saturday’s dinner began with a nice selection of appetizers…Roasted red pepper bruschetta, multigrain chips, a pepperoni and cheese roll, shrimp, and then some carrots and dressing that I added to the mix for a healthier alternative.

While my family had steak I enjoyed a Morningstar farms chipotle black bean burger. I also had creamed spinach, mushrooms, and onions. Their steaks looked good, but I did not feel like I was missing out at all. My burger was great! Dessert was a whole lot of TJ’s products…most covered in dark chocolate…all delicious…all unpictured. I eventually had an apple to fill me up so I’d stay away from the chocolate!

This morning’s breakfast was a bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal with dark chocolate dreams. I also threw some raisin bran clusters in there after I took this picture.

And I had some fresh fruit!

After church we visited the hotel our guests are staying at for the wedding where they gave us these amazing chocolate chip walnut cookies. Not a healthy choice, but totally worth it.

Lunch was sort of a repeat of dinner…another black bean burger topped with cheese, mushrooms, onions, and of course, sriracha and ketchup!

How good does that look?!

And finally, a fitness recap.

Monday 4/5 – Turbosculpt

Tuesday 4/6 – Cardio Party

Wednesday 4/7 –Turbosculpt, various ab moves

Thursday 4/8 – 20 minute cardio workout, lifting (in the car!) with 5 lb weights

Friday & Saturday – Rest days. I brought home my sneakers, a sports bra, weights, Turbojam dvds…all so I would be prepared to workout. But there just wasn’t enough time to exercise!! Bummed. But I’ll get back on track J

I got a lot accomplished this weekend. I wish some of my accomplishments included working out and blogging, but hey, that’s life!


  1. love your blog and pic heavy post! and baby alyssa with g-gma...how precious!

  2. that picture of your Nanny and Alyssa - heavy sigh - so beautiful !!! and I think you got some Better-'N-Peanut Butter from TJ's!!! I am addicted to that stuff !!! Sorry I missed you guys!! see you soon ! xoxoxox

  3. It looks like a great weekend! Trader Joe's has so many great things!!!! I have thate Eggplant Garlic Spread and looooove it!

    The picture of your Abuela and Alyssa is beautiful....

    You look great in the picture with the TJ Bag =)

  4. First of all, thank you for your comment on my blog!
    Second, your food looks AMAZING! Isn't TJ's the bomb?! I got some of those chicken sausages and they are amazingly good.
    Your cake sounds incredible...omg..i love love love wedding cake!
    The baby is adorable :) Precious!

  5. I couldn't believe how great Trader Joe's was! so much variety and really amazing prices. we def came away with some great stuff

  6. Jenna!!!! Missed you girl!!!

    Your baby cousin is beautiful! How sweet : )

    Love the pic of you with your trader joes goods, you are so cute!!!!

    love ya girl!! Wedding planning can be stressful and hectic, it will all work out!!!