April 13, 2010

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Of lots of things. Like blogging! But I've finally got a whole ten minutes to update!

So here goes...

When we got home Sunday night I was starvin! And wanted something in my belly as soon as possible. So I popped in a frozen dinner -of mac & cheese.
I (Bryan) salvaged it by sauteeing up some baby spinach. I mixed it in with the pasta, smothered it with Dinosaur BBQ cajun seasoning and all of a sudden it was a meal! And a very, very good one at that.

For dessert I finally gave Tina's 3 Minute Cookie recipe a try. I left out a few ingredients, and used white chocolate chips instead.
Here it is in the making.
And the final product. The Verdict? Weird consistency, but pretty tasty.

Ok, moving on to yesterday. Monday's breakfast was some red grapes and a Yoplait banana cream pie yogurt.
Banana? Yes. Cream pie? Negative. These companies need to stop trying to fancy up the names of their flavors like banana cream pie and cinnamon roll. Just call them banana and cinnamon. Nothin wrong with that!

Lunch was a repeat from last week because it was so great!
Naturally More and apple butter (bliss), a sliced up gala apple, and some celery and light veggie cream cheese. Spectacular mix of eats.

Dinner was good as well. I gave the TJ's horseradish hummus a try with some baby spinach and cracked pepper turkey, on a thin of course.
The hummus made the sandwich. SO GOOD. I also had some baked chips, and chocolate covered goji berries from Kopali Organics. I was sent a bunch of dried fruit by Kopali to sample and I loved these!! 8/10

Today's breakfast...
Kay's apple cinnamon protein cereal and a few green grapes. ADORED this cereal! Could have eaten a whole other bag :) 9/10!

I HAD to have that horseradish hummus again and SOON so I ate it for lunch on a thin with baby spinach and cheddar. YUM!
I also had TJ's honey sesame stix (heavenly), green grapes, and pear sauce. Pear sauce is...very much like applesauce. But I'm not complaining...definitely having it again soon.

For dinner I tried out the eggplant garlic spread from TJ's, on a wrap with baby spinach and feta.
I really liked this, but will probably eat it differently next time. It was more eggplanty than I expected and I might have preferred it on a thin topped with some melted mozzarella! Mmmm...ideas. I also had gorgonzola crackers (TJ's, again) and a chocolate raspberry parfait. Good stuff :)


  1. I loooove Smart Ones Mac N Cheese-great idea with mixing in all the add ins to give it some Umph!

    Honey Sesame Sticks? Another thing I must pick up at TJ's!

  2. I've heard such awesome things about Kay's, but have never seen it in stores!! Such a bummer :( Where did you find yours?