April 7, 2010


Jumped on the Chobani bandwagon!
And I think I'm staying:) Thanks to coupons from Melissa I was able to get a "buy two get one free" deal. I got two vanillas and one strawberry and gave the vanilla a try today. Really liked it! I'm still getting used to the sour cream-ness of Greek yogurt but I'm already in love with the consistency and how much it fills me up!

Today's lunch was also very filling.
I had the world's best sandwich... a honey wheat thin with Naturally More pb and apple butter. I swear this is like eating a little piece of heaven. I insist that you try it!! I also had a sliced up gala apple and some celery with light veggie cream cheese for dipping. This meal satisfied both my sweet and salty needs and I was very, very happy!

And then dinner...
I turned my salad combination from yesterday into a sandwich and had iceberg lettuce, red onions, and feta cheese on a thin. (Skipped out on the grape tomatoes) I also added some cracked pepper turkey to plump it up a bit, and dipped the sammy in honey mustard. Very good! I also had some cucumbers, Dr. Kracker hummus maximus crackers, and pine nut hummus.

Sweet and simple! A strawberry Kashi bar. I liked this, but definitely prefer the blackberry flavor. Good thing I have one of those babies left!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday :)


  1. HEY GIRL!
    i must try that kashi bar! that sounds soo good. LOVE the vanilla chobani. i basically like anything chobani! i just had a pineapple one!

  2. I can imagine that Naturally More and apple butter would be heavenly!! Hope you have a great day :)

  3. I love that yogurt...now. I admit, it took a little getting used to at first.