April 23, 2010

Hold your breath...

I titled my post this because driving home tonight, as I got off my exit, I was overwhelmed with an awful smell. It was as if I was driving into steaming pile of, well...you know. And I had to hold my breath (and breathe only out of my nose) until I got home. Not pleasant!

So, now that my lovely little anecdote has gotten you all excited to read about food (ha)... enjoy!

Let's start with Thursday's dinner.
I had a Morningstar Farms black bean burger (my old reliable) on a thin and topped with red onion, pickles, and, as always, a mix of sriracha and ketchup. I also had a side of broccoli and cauliflower with horseradish hummus for dipping. Dessert was supposed to be a peach/yogurt parfait (pre-packaged) but I took one bite and was hardly impressed so I tossed it (boo me for being wasteful on Earth Day!!) and had a raspberry jam sandwich instead. I also had a few spoonfuls of Better n' pb. Believe it or not, I think I'm slowly starting to love that stuff!!

This morning's breakfast was a simple serving of Honey Bunches of Oats.
This picture inspired me to paint my nails today :)

Before lunch I snacked on a sliced gala apple.

Then I had a thin with cracked pepper turkey, reduced fat cheddar, baby spinach, and horseradish hummus.
This sandwich combo is a keeper! I also had some salt and pepper popchips and a pickle, or two.

After lunch I made an amazing snack of Kay's french vanilla cereal dipped in Better n'pb. YUM!!!

Tonight I had a monthly mall trip with some of my bests which meant a food court dinner.
So I course I chose a veggie sub from Subway. With my sub I had a diet coke, bbq Baked Lays, and strawberry and banana crisps. Everything was great, except I couldn't decide if I loved or hated the crisps. I changed my mind with every bite!

And finally, two wonderful things about the past few days...

Today: A (very expensive) successful shopping trip! I found myself two dresses, one for my bachelorette party, and one for one of my showers, an adorable top, and a very cute pair of earrings.

Surprise roses from the fiance! And in my favorite color :) Thanks babe!

Happy weekend!!


  1. AHHHHH that is soo sweet! i love those roses!! awwwww! i LOVE subway!!! you got me wanting it now!

  2. What gorgeous flowers!! The fiance is clearly an awesome guy :)The shopping trip sounds fun- you deserve to splurge on dresses for those occasions! Hope you have a great Saturday girl!!