April 27, 2010

Fruits, Veggies, Salts, & Sweets.

I realized that I plan out my meals by trying to include the following: a fruit, a vegetable, something salty, and something sweet. Let's see how my last few meals fared.

I didn't really meal plan for Sunday, so let's skip right over these next few things...
(SmartOnes lasagna florentine) and
(pb and apple butter oats)

and move right on to Monday. Oops! Didn't take a picture of my breakfast... strawberry banana yogurt and a mini apple. Yogurt=great, apple=lackluster.

Now, Monday's lunch.
I had some green grapes (fruit), broccoli (veggies) and tzatziki sauce, salt and pepper popchips (salty) and a bowl of tuna. Looks like this meal was lacking something sweet, but I doubt that ever hurt anyone.

Monday's dinner.
Kung Pao veggies, cucumbers (double veggies), seeded spelt crackers (salty), hummus, and Crofter's Europe fruitspread (can this count as my something sweet and as my fruit!!?) on a honey wheat thin.

And finally, today's lunch. (Forgot a breakfast pic again...Had Honey Bunches of Oats and frozen green grapes.)
Lunch was more Kung pao veggies, sweet potato chips (salty), a mini apple (fruit) and a 100 calorie pack of golden Oreos (sweet). Check!! Got 'em all in this meal.

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1 comment:

  1. Crofter's superfood spread is sooooo good...I can eat that stuff with a spoon!! Haha I'll count it as a fruit :)