April 14, 2010

WORN OUT Wednesdays

Sorry for the alliteration, but that's really the best way to describe how I feel on Wednesdays. Can't wait until 15 hour days are over!

I had some great eats today.

Started out with a strawberry Chobani.
I really liked this flavor, but I really did not like the aftertaste. Not sure if it was just this particular one, or if it's something about the yogurt that I'll have to get used to.

Next up was a repeat lunch.
Usually I try to vary my lunches. I've come a long way from how I used to eat...tomato and cheese on wrap with ranch dressing...every day. No fruits no veggies ('cept for the mater!) But, when something's good..it's good. So, I had cheddar, baby spinach, and horseradish hummus on a multigrain thin, again. I stuck with the pear sauce again too, but tried out TJ's jalapeno cheese crunchies for my salty snack. Um...YUM. Great, great choice. And a pretty decent serving size!

Dinner was the famous set your mouth on fire kung pao veggies.
With half a thin to scoop up the veggies and lessen the spice just a bit.

For dessert I finally tried out some snacks that Heidi from Somersaults sent me.
I had the chez cocoa flavor- delish! And dipped them in some Better'n PB. This was my first time trying the pb too and I was a little disappointed. It's got way less calories and fat, but totally tasted that way! I felt like I was missing out on that natural pea-nutty goodness. But, mixing it with the cocoa nuggets created a pretty nice combo. I'll be having it again!

Then, to make sure I was really full...
I had a (very) small serving of some dark chocolate covered blueberries. I'm all about the portion control!

Seriously, how good is dark chocolate? I'm convinced you could cover just about anything in it and it would taste 100x better. Yum.


  1. i love dark chocolate too!!!! oh my gosh!!!!!!! i seriously have to limit myself. you could put it on tree bark and itd be good

  2. Uf... I wasn't a big fan of the better n' PB either. :/ I really like PB2 though- its a powder that you mix with water to make a PB spread... I like to mix it into yogurt to make peanut butter mousse!

  3. I am a milk chocolate type of girl =) but I would enjoy some of those lol

  4. I've never tried better n pb, and have no desire to...I love my healthy fats way too much, regardless of the calories (so silly, anyway)! I could bathe in dark chocolate, for real...I can never get enough of the stuff! Hope you have a great day love!!

  5. I can't believe that you DIDN'T like the Better 'n Peanut Butter!!! I love the stuff, I'm hooked on it - I just melted some and dipped an apple in it- oh well- ! and I finally found that Sriracha sauce in a local Asian sauce - no wonder it's so good, it's LOADED with sodium -!!! I'll bring you my bottle next time I see you - xoxoxoxo