April 24, 2010


Downside of being super productive? It may lead to overeating! Today I got three big assignments done and I am psyched! However, I found out that a grumbling tummy is a side effect of productivity. I would be lying if I said the things you see below are an accurate portrayal of what I have eaten thus far. There was much, much more!

Breakfast was a cocopop rice cake with Better'n pb for dipping, and half of a pistachio pinapple Boomi bar.
I wasn't crazy about this bar...I think it was the pistachio part!

For lunch I made some super tasty pizzas on multigrain thins.I topped sauteed spinach with eggplant garlic spread from Trader Joe's and some reduced fat shredded mozzarella. Delicious!! I also had some cucs and light dressing.

Dinner...or maybe I should just call it my third meal since it was eaten circa 3:30 pm...was TJ's black bean soup with a swirl of sriracha and some FSTG jalapeno chips.
I think my expectations for this soup were a little too high. I wasn't thrilled, but I finished the whole bowl!

After dinner snacks:
A blue bran Vitatop with Better'n pb for dipping (probably should take a break with this for a while).

And an apricot goji Prana bar.
Big fan of this flavor. It reminded me of the maple pecan Boomi bar actually.

Unpictured eats (that come to mind)...chocolate Newman O's, half a strawberry Kashi bar, dark chocolate blueberries, Kay's jalapeno honey mustard pretzels.

Check back tomorrow for a fitness recap AND a giveaway!


  1. Haha sorry to stress you out with my wedding post- if it makes you feel any better I am SURE I am forgetting a lot of stuff and just cuz something is on my list doesn't mean I'm going to do it anytime soon- even after the post I realized I still need a wedding band haha.

    I just read your profile and I don't know how you are getting your masters at the same time as planning ahh! I got my masters in literacy too though, finished last May :) Do you want to be a reading specialist or a classroom teacher?

  2. I looooooove that eggplant garlic spread from TJ's! I swear that I can eat it right out of the jar...wait I actually HAVE ha