May 26, 2010

Almost back to normal.

Getting back to my healthy ways has been more difficult than I expected. For the past few days I've felt sick to my stomach and unbelievably the same time...which has caused me to snack uncontrollably and NOT work out. I'm feeling better today so I'm hoping things will be back to normal soon.

Tuesday's breakfast.
Peaches and cream oatmeal. In one of our beautiful new bowls! This is probably my least favorite of the fruit and cream flavors, but I like to save the best ones for last! Looking forward to bananas and cream later this week :)

Lunch was a thin with almond butter and raspberry jam.
Plus broccoli, salsa con queso, and refried beans. My tummy was not happy after this and I'm thinking it may have been the beans. My sandwich was delicious though, and the broccoli and cheese combo was amazing as always.

I love our new dishes!! I had an everything bagel thin with cheddar cheese and sliced tomato, barbecue popchips and cucumber slices. This was an awesome meal. If only it filled me up!

But of course it did not,
So I had some (sideways) chocolate pudding and a chocolate Special K bar. And THEN the snack monster attacked so I had unnecessary amounts of lightly salted chips and cinnamon Life cereal.

Today's breakfast (phone quality picture)
Was mixed berry applesauce and more cinnamon Life cereal. I'm addicted.

And finally, lunch.
Tuna and salsa con queso on a wrap, with a side of cucumbers and lite dressing and chocolate pudding for dessert. Cucumbers are the perfect snack for a hot summer day! And it is HOT out there today. I'm thinking one of the reasons I haven't been feeling great is because I'm a little dehydrated, so I've been trying to refuel with lots of water and Crystal Light.

I really want to work out tonight...but I am dreading doing it in my hot apartment! What do you do to beat the heat?!?

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  1. I hate working out in the heat too, but in the summer you gotta do it!! We have an elliptical in my garage, and in the summer I always turn on a fan halfway through my workout. It really rejuvenates me and gets me going again!!

  2. Heat + working out = no good for me!!!!!!!!!!

    But I pull through somehow!!!

    Yes you need to try that combo for sure! And yes furbaby post again soon is a must!!

    love ya girl! missed ya!!

  3. Ugh, I hate working out when it's hot. Once summer comes, I have to revamp my schedule or do something inside.

    The tuna combo looks interesting-need to try! Hope things back on track soon.

  4. blahh BEANS MESS UP MY TUMMY TOO! i hate that girl! i actually love running in the heat-im a total weirdo