May 1, 2010

My Worst Enemy.

I've come to the startling conclusion that of all of the obstacles standing in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle...such as eating out and holiday turns out that my kitchen is my worst enemy. When I'm out and about and away from that room, I am able to stick to my meal plans and make healthy choices. But when I'm home, knowing that the kitchen is a mere fifteen feet away, stocked with food galore, I feel constantly it's always beckoning me to come and eat eat eat! I came to this conclusion as I was uploading my pictures from yesterday and realized that my pictures were hardly an accurate portrayal of what I actually put in my body. This didn't surprise me as it would have meant taking the camera to the kitchen with me something like thirty times! Usually I'm too hard on myself, but in this case I know I was overeating. I wasn't eating because I was hungry. I was eating just because the kitchen was right there...I was eating when I was full...and I was eating when I was bored. So what's a girl to do??? Help!

Okay moving on...

Friday's breakfast was glorious.
Batter Blaster pancakes topped with strawberry jam. I realize that they hardly look edible here, but I was just too concerned with gobbling them down to try for a better picture!

Lunch was a healthy variety of eats.
I had a Morningstar Farms Italian Herb Chik'n patty topped with TJ's eggplant garlic spread, sliced cucs, and cauliflower with parmesan cheese and pepper. Fantastic lunch! Light and satisfying.

Afternoon snack...
100 calorie pack of cinnamon thins dipped in Better'n pb and some Crystal Light ruby red grapefruit juice. I have been downing this juice all week, it's so delicious! After I finished the cinnamon thins I simply had to move on to bigger and better things so I dipped some blizzard Oreos. After a couple cookies I tried to salvage my snacking with a healthier choice and had some chocolate Newman O's instead.

For dinner I had a black bean burger
Topped with pickles, red onion, and of course ketchup and sriracha. Delish, but gone in a flash.

For dessert I finally tried protein cookie dough since I have seen it all over the blog world.
Chocolate protein powder, tbsp of pb, some cinnamon and water. Yum!!!

And then today's breakfast was half a Boomi bar (pistachio pineapple and unpictured)
And chocolate Oikos.

Busy day ahead...what are your plans??


  1. i freakin love your eats! they are like mine- SO RANDOM!! love it!!
    today I am spending the day w. momma-getting ready for the BEACH!

  2. I snack way more at home with a stocked kitchen too! Something that has really helped me stop compulsively going to the fridge recently though has been eating more calorically dense meals. I used to eat a lot of safer "diet" foods, which never really filled me up the way REAL food does, so even if I wasn't exactly hungry, I'd still feel kinda snacky. It sounds counterintuitive, but the more I've embraced whole foods- like lots of full-fat PB, dense whole wheat bread, and higher-calorie cereals- the less I get the urge to snack away!

    Hope you're having an amazing weekend love!!

  3. go for a walk when you think about all the food in your kitchen- now that the weather is nicer it's easier to do !!! love you !

  4. Your lunch looks amazing and lots of flavor with it! Most of the time I have willpower with things in my kitchen but we all have our days where nothing works to deter you from going buckwild. I agree with going for a walk. Anytime I get a craving I do that so both my dog and I get some exercise or drink a big bottle of water.

    Hope you're having a great wknd!