May 7, 2010

An apple a day...

Keeps the doctor a way. So what does two do?? I find that after a meal when I'm just not as full as I'd like to be, an apple always done the trick. And, I'm home for the weekend and my parents' house is always stocked with apples so be prepared to see lots :)

In other news, I'm blogging from a brand new laptop!! Yay!! I finally said goodbye to my HP Pavilion and hello to a beautiful Dell Inspiron. Thank you dad!

On to eats...

Yesterday's breakfast was vanilla yogurt and cereal. No pic, but nothin' new to see anyway!

Lunch was
A toasted thin with sauteed spinach and TJ's eggplant spread. Oh Trader Joe, how I love your creations :) I also had mixed berry applesauce. I'm on a big applesauce kick lately. It's so good!

Dinner was the rest of my Subway sub. (Did I mention I got a foot long?)
It was almost as good the second time around. On the side I had some chips that I was sent to review from Kettle Foods.
They sent me the salt and fresh ground pepper flavor and the aged cheddar flavor. Both were absolutely delicious, and the nutritional facts are awesome! I compared the salt and pepper chips to a Trader Joe's brand (same flavor) and found that you could eat 20 of the Kettle chips for 120 calories, but only 7 of the TJ's chips for 150 calories. One thing to note...the cheddar chips were so tasty but they STUNK! Like feet! So hold your breath and enjoy :)

For breakfast this morning I had some raisin bran clusters
And an apple of course!

I had tuna for lunch.
With lots of Kettle chips on the side, along with an (unpictured) apple and carrots and dip. Happy belly!


  1. I feel the same way about apples- they're such a perfect way to end a meal!! And I'm obsessed with Fiber One. It may not be the most natural, but it's freaking delicious! Hope you have a great day girl!!

  2. Yay for a new laptop!

    I loooooove Kettlebrand chips and have a huge bag of the salt and pepper sitting in my cabinet. I'm trying to hold off on cracking them open b/c once I do, they will be gone in an hr.