May 29, 2010

Better and Better.

So my eats have gone from "eh" to great over the past two days. They started out a little lame, but every meal keeps gettin' better :)

My "eh" meal was Friday's breakfast.
My options were limited so I had a granny smith applesauce and some cinnamon Life cereal. The applesauce was basically flavorless!

Lunch was much better.
A pizzadilla! I find myself pronouncing this like Napoleon Dynamite for some reason. Anywho, it was delicious. Cold pizza is awesome even in quesadilla form. I also had some unpictured cucumbers, and half of an everything bagel thin with pear butter. (Julie-the pear butter is PHENOM!) This may have been a weird combination except that the bagel thins really taste more poppy seed or Sesame seed than "everything".

Dinner was...even better.
Homemade black bean burgers, homemade sweet potato chips, and roasted broccoli. Yum, yum, and yum!! One of my favorite meals :)

I snacked on some chocolate FSTG chips for dessert.
It was much easier to control my eating when I measured out my portion. (Duh!)

Today's breakfast:
Bananas and cream oatmeal with dark chocolate dreams. Everything I had wanted it to be and more :)

Repeat (sideways) lunch.
Look at that gooey, melty cheese. The only thing wrong with this creation is that after I eat it I immediately want a second one. Instead, I ate a handful of chez cocoa Somersaults.

Bryan and I had a productive day of running errands, which included going to the bank, some shopping, buying a wedding band for him (I already got mine) and finally, a much needed trip to the grocery store!!
Some of my purchases. Found Morningstar turkey burgers!! Can't wait to give those babies a try. Also excited to try out a new frozen dinner, and as always, psyched to have Vitatops back in my freezer! I left most of my produce out of this picture...I got apples, grapes, blueberries, a broccoli mix, a cucumber, baby spinach, and tomatoes.

Sushi for lunch!
I had a spicy tuna roll made with brown rice. I also munched on some edamame. Definitely a great meal.

Next up was some southwestern baked chips with salsa con queso.

And then a 100 calorie pack of golden Oreos to satisfy my sweet tooth :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

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  1. I never knew FSTG had chocolate flavored ones--must find!

    I've never tried the Cakesters but need to pick some up ASAP.