May 17, 2010

Typical Sunday

Sunday was pretty typical as far as eating goes. I couldn't deny my sweet tooth and I was all about snacking. I stuck to my meal plan (I plan literally all of my meals) for breakfast and lunch but for the rest of the day I decided to just eat intuitively and have what I was craving. And for the most part, I didn't overdo it!

Bryan cooked up some salmon sliders for lunch.
I ate mine bunless, with a mix of Dinosaur BBQ sauce and spicy mustard, and some mixed veggies on the side. I also topped my sliders with tomato slices, but after the pic was taken. Salmon burgers really put me in a summer mood! What foods make you think of summer?

Next up was sugar-free chocolate pudding.
Perfect guilt-free (minus the artificiality!) snack!

By around 3 my sweet tooth was in full force.
So I made an almond butter, raspberry jam, and green grape sandwich. YUM-MY! This was so good that I came really close to making another one and eating it all over again.

But instead
I had a Dr. Kracker pumpkin seed cheddar flatbread. I tried dipping it in hummus but didn't like how the flavors mixed.

Then I had some salmon cream cheese spread on a cocopop rice cake.
I topped it with tomatoes. Found a new snack!!

Somewhere between this and the next snack I took some more rice cakes and dipped them in honey peanut butter. My favvvvorite!

And lastly, I had a healthy hazel Boomi Bar.
And finally felt full!

Sure, there were a few eats here and there that escaped my camera, but those were the highlights!

Today for breakfast I had blueberries and cream oatmeal. Certain bites reminded me of a blueberry muffin actually. Delish! Anyone have an easy no-bake recipe for blueberry muffins using oats??

Lunch was:
A thin with cheddar, baby spinach, and horseradish hummus. On the side I had a sliced gala apple and some jalapeno cheese crunchies. I'm currently downing some Crystal Light ruby red grapefruit juice. I've forgotten to mention my new found love for this juice. It is so tasty and really helps me fight hunger!


  1. Mmmm grapefruit juice is the one kind I absolutely love!! And I love horseradish hummus...TJ's makes an awesome one!!

    Fresh fruit always reminds me of summer, especially super juicy berries and watermelon!

  2. Hey hun =) where do you find those salmon burgers??? they look pretty tasty

    why did I think you had PB&J with pickles lol...then I saw that those were grapes

  3. I really like that crystal light flavor but can't find it here--boo!

    I really like your idea of adding grapes to the pb&j sandwhich-I would have thought of that.