May 2, 2010

Weekend Eats & Fitness Recap

I've got a term paper hanging over my head, so please excuse me if this is short and sweet :)

Yesterday's lunch was a simple idea...
That turned into an obsession! I made a pizza quesadilla with a whole wheat wrap, pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and reduced fat shredded mozzarella. On the side I had broccoli and cracked pepper hummus. This was the perfect meal! So much flavor. It was so good that I had exactly the same thing for dinner! And I was actually craving it again today!

After dinner I had a major sweet tooth, so I gave in and said ta-ta to willpower and hello to the rest of the Better'n pb jar! Enough said.

Today's breakfast...
One half of a thin with almond butter and grapes, and one half with raspberry jam. Bryan suggested I try it as a sandwich, so I did and my taste buds went wild! YUM!!!

A little bit later I was feeling hungry so I made a bowl of pb&j oats.
With Naturally More and apple butter, of course. I also snacked on some dried cranberries (Wegmans brand) and dried mango from Kopali Organics.

We met Bryan's parents for an early dinner at a place called Lovin' Cup. Very cute, coffeehouse -like feel. I had a veggie wrap
With lettuce, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, avocado, feta, and vinaigrette. I ate the whole thing and scarfed down my pickle and all my chips as well.

After dinner sweet treat...
Chocolate "lite" ice cream. No idea what they meant by lite, but I was hoping it was at least a little bit healthier than the regular stuff!

I also had a mini apple when I got home.

And last but not least,

Fitness Recap

Monday 4/26 - Less is more 30 minute cardio workout

Tuesday 4/27 - Rest Day

Wednesday 4/28 - Cardio party

Thursday 4/29 - Turbosculpt

Friday 4/30 - 20 minute cardio workout and AbJam

Saturday 5/1 - Cardio party

Sunday 5/2 - 10lb slimdown core workout and Turbosculpt


  1. Wow, great job on the workouts for the wk!!

    And pizza quesadillas?YUM! I was just telling my friend this wknd that I want to try to make pizza nachos sometime.

  2. ab & grapes? NICE! what the hell is a cardio party and am i invited?? :). i have a term paper hanging over my head too..yikes. good luck wit hyours!

  3. I love the grapes in your sammie...such a good idea, I'll bet it's delicious! And PB&J oats are always a good choice :) Hope you have an amazing Monday girl!!