May 16, 2010

Resisting Temptation & Fitness Recap

As I've said before, simply being home in my apartment puts a lot of food temptation in my way. Yesterday was no exception. In fact, a morning trip to Dunkin' Donuts during which Bryan picked up not one, not two, but 25 munchkins made resisting temptation that much harder. But I am pleased to say that I successfully avoided unnecessary snacking (nothing wrong with snacking, I just struggle with overdoing it) and did not have one single munchkin. Those sugary little devils ain't got nothin on me!

So I mentioned we went to Dunkin' Donut's yesterday. This isn't typical for me because I don't like buying breakfast, and coffee upsets my stomach, but I had two gift cards (from teacher appreciation), so we decided to put them to use.
I got a small iced vanilla latte lite (kind of a mouthful!) and an egg white and cheese on an english muffin. I would have liked a wheat english muffin, but this Dunkin' didn't carry 'em. Bummer. Having a breakfast sandwich was a really nice change from the norm. The iced coffee was also good, but only after I dumped a whole lot of Sweet 'N Low in it. Is Sweet 'N Low bad for you? I should probably know this. Also, to my pleasant surprise, the coffee didn't give me any tummy troubles!

I had some fruit for an afternoon snack.
A mini apple and some frozen green grapes. Very refreshing!

Dinner was
A pizza quesadilla (that got a little extra crispy in the toaster) and a salad made with baby spinach, broccoli, red onion, broken up FSTG buffalo chips, and light parmesan peppercorn dressing. Fantastic meal. The FSTG bag recommended putting the buffalo chips in a salad, so, I did! YUM!

Dessert was a deep chocolate Vitatop.
This was bittersweet because my taste buds were in heaven but it was my last Vitatop! Boo.

And finally, today's breakfast.
No better way to start off a Sunday morning than with pb&j oats! I made mine with honey peanut butter and raspberry jam. Perfection.

And now, fitness recap:

Monday 5/10 - Cardio Party, plus lifting with 5lb weights

Tuesday 5/11 - Turbosculpt

Wednesday 5/12 - 20 minute cardio workout, AbJam

Thursday 5/13 - 10lb Slimdown Total Body Blast

Friday 5/14 - Less is More cardio workout, 10lb Slimdown Core workout

Saturday 5/1 - Cardio party (Only 25 body was done)


  1. Love Dunkin coffee :) Yes, Sweet n Low and all artificial sweeteners are really bad for you, though I definitely still drink Diet Coke occasionally and use Splenda in a pinch! Like all things, I think a little won't kill you :) If you're looking for a natural, safe, 0-cal alternative, stevia is amazing. I buy Truvia packets (same aisle as all the other sweeteners at pretty much any grocery store), and they're perfect!

    Hope you have a wonderful day girl!

  2. i want to go to a cardio party :). i agree with gabriela, stevia is so great. NuNaturals makes great products but Truvia is much cheaper/available. and i kind of have a diet soda addiction, though i limit myself to one per day. i think that's alright...? frozen grapes = amazing!

  3. I love DD breakfast but all of ours are either in the ghetto or under construction, it sucks. I hear Truvia is good to use as well. I am trying to cut down on my sweet n low, splenda, etc intake but it is hard to do.

    I still need to buy some vitatops!!