May 9, 2010

Sunday Sweet Tooth

We’re currently driving home to Geneseo, and I’m updating from the car. And as I type I am miserably losing a battle against my unfailing “Sunday Sweet Tooth”. I’ve got a bag of mini chocolate bars next to me and if they’re not in my belly, I’m not happy. I considered hiding them somewhere in the car but at this point, I know the best way to beat this chocolate monster is to feed it!

So let me catch you up a little on my weekend eats. These are just the highlights. There was mucho snacking that went unpictured.

Friday night my grandparents came over for dinner and we had a barbecue, or more accurately...a feast. There were lots of temptations but I did my best to make healthy choices.

I had a chipotle black bean burger, half topped with salsa con queso, and half topped with mushrooms and my grandma’s famous roasted peppers.

I also loaded my plate with sides…mixed veggies and bean salad. I went back for a few more helpings.

Saturday morning we were meeting with our pastor for premarital counseling and the last thing I wanted was a growling stomach during our session so I had made sure my breakfast was filling. Bryan did no such thing :)I had a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and topped with lots of honey nut Cheerios. I did Not remember what a freakin tasty cereal this was! Yum!

I splurged for lunch and had one of my all time favorites, a turkey and swiss sub!

My sub was topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, and oil and vinegar. I had some Asian “sweet and spicy” chips on the side. A very satisfying meal. A turkey sub never fails me! (As long as it’s Boar’s Head!)

I had a major craving for something sweet after so I satisfied it will a big ol’ serving of Entemann’s crumb cake.My mom called me out on eating almost half the cake. Oops!

We ordered Chinese food for dinner. Another favorite.

We had chicken and broccoli in garlic sauce, sesame chicken, vegetable lo mein, fried rice, and some sushi. I filled up my plate quite a few times.

Then I had a dessert that I certainly didn’t need…a chocolate éclair.

I swear these were taunting me all weekend!!

I started off today with an apple and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Lunch was a fun concoction. I took the leftover mixed veggies from Friday, and stirred in some chopped up grilled chicken and salsa con queso. This was good, but the salsa lost some of its cheesy spice when it was mixed with everything. I also had an apple, The rest of my Kettle baked chips, and lots and lots o’ chocolate!

Fitness Recap:

Monday 5/3 – 10lb Slimdown Total Body Blast

Tuesday 5/4 - Cardio Party

Wednesday 5/5 – Turbosculpt &10lb Slimdown Core

Thursday 5/6 – Rest day/Lifting with 5lb weights in the car

Friday 5/7 – 20 Minute Cardio workout

Saturday 5/8 – Rest day

Sunday 5/9 - Who knows?!

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  1. I love Entenmann's Crumb cake too- my dad always used to buy it on the weekends when I was little, and I'd secretly nibble away at it all day :) Glad you had a good weekend with your family, hope you have a great Monday!!