May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Eats & Fitness Recap

I've been having a love affair with oats this weekend. Today's batch was strawberries and cream oatmeal mixed with a spoonful of dark chocolate dreams.
A-MAZING. I wanted to eat a whole other bowl after I was done but instead I had a handful of blueberries.

In the afternoon Bryan and I headed out to a barbecue with some good eats, and great friends.

Some food:
Hummus, tortilla chips, crackers, and (phenomenal) homemade coleslaw.

Bryan's famous deviled eggs.
He put in a bit of jalapeno for an extra kick. It was impossible to not scarf down two of these bad boys. They were gooood.

Chicken shish kabobs.
So excited we got to take some of these home!

Tiny diet coke.
The size of my hand :) How adorable!?

Angel food cake.
With blueberries, strawberries, and cool whip. Perfect guilt-free dessert!

I came home in the mood to snack. Some of the highlights...
Sriracha peas!! What an outstanding find. These are a MUST have.

And this blob of a creation...
FSTG chocolate chips, cool whip, and Crofter's North America fruit spread. Delicious!!!

Fitness Recap:

Monday 5/24 - Total Body Blast

Tuesday 5/25 - Off

Wednesday 5/26 - Cardio Party

Thursday 5/27 - Turbosculpt

Friday 5/28 - 20 minute cardio workout and Abjam

Saturday 5/29 - Off / Whittle my middle, lifting 5lb weights

Sunday 5/30 - Cardio Party, Whittle my middle

Monday 5/31 - Anticipated...Turbosculpt

Fun fact...Bryan and I are getting married two months from today!!! Wowzaaaa


  1. wow you are gonna be married in 2 months?! how exciting!

    That blob creation looks delish! ol

  2. I love weddings; hope yours is fantastic!

    the deviled eggs look professional and jalapenos would be the perfect touch to them

  3. Where in the world did you find the sriracha peas??!! Must find!

    I've been jonesing for deviled eggs in a major way and that pic is not helping at all.

  4. i love mini bottles of anything!! mm and those deviled eggs looks divine

  5. hello! I'm so happy to have found your blog! its so fun =)
    and that is SO exciting that you are getting married soon!! It must be so fun picking everything out (flowers and cake flavour etc!)
    I'll be reading your blog for sure!

  6. Oh my word that FSTG/CoolWhip/Crofter's combo looks insane!! SUCH a good idea to combine the whipped cream and the jam, I wish we had whipped cream in the house now!!

  7. I see that you have been on a strawberry and choco kick!!!!! Love it! Your wedding cake should be that flavor!! Yum!!!!!!!!!

    Yay for 2 more months!! Im so excited for you both!!!!

    Love ya girl! xoxo