March 31, 2010

Almost there!

Well the week is almost over (do you have Good Friday off too?) and I couldn't be happier! Not only is the weather supposed to be gorgeous (EIGHTY?!? Could it be true?!?) this weekend, but my family is also coming for the holiday and I am super psyched to spend some time with them.


Breakfast was a good old combination of instant oatmeal and honey peanut butter.
Not exciting, but delicious nonetheless! Love that honey pb...but secretly wanting to use it up so I can make OIAJ!!

Lunch was tuna with "fayo" as Bryan calls it (fake mayo), or fat free mayo.
This was a BIG step for me because I love love love real mayonnaise. The tuna The difference was very noticeable. I think I'll keep looking for other mayo substitutes. I also had broccoli with some honey mustard, and Kay's jalapeno honey mustard pretzels. The pretzels were good but it would have been more accurate if the flavor was called wasabi honey mustard. That's the spicy flavor I tasted at least. Tasty overall, but I would have preferred less spice and more honey mustard. 6.5/10

While I was at work, Bryan was cooking this up for me...
Tomato and basil chicken sausage with peppers and onions. YUM!

My portion:
I had some FSTG sweet potato chips on the side. GREAT meal. The peppers and onions hid the flavor of the sausage a bit, but no complaints here. I would eat this again in a heartbeat.

For dessert I had my first ever Jazz apple, with some almond butter on the side.
The apple was delicious- juicy and crisp- but it reminded me of a Macintosh which wasn't really what I was hoping for. Oh well, ate it all up anyway :) My plan was to dip the apple in the almond butter but I thought the consistencies of the two foods weren't meshing well so I just ate the ab with a spoon! Tastyyy.

One more day of work and a presentation for grad school to get through. I think I can, I think I can...


  1. Can you send Bryan over to my place and make me that sausage dish?? It looks to die for!!

  2. ahaha i really think i go thru my PB jar so fast JUST to have OIAJ!

  3. WOAH what are you doing? We are mayo sistas! I am so upset at you lol...