June 2, 2010


Is the sound I have been making all day. It is one of those days for sure.

Since I'm not in the peachiest of moods, this post will be short. (And sweet?)

Yesterday's breakfast.
I tried something new....cottage cheese and pineapple...prepackaged for my convenience! Unfortunately, it turns out I'm not a fan of cottage cheese. At least not in the morning. I might give this another try, but definitely not for breakfast.

Lunch was turkey, baby spinach, and horseradish hummus on an everything bagel thin.
Delicious. On the side I had a sliced gala apple and a 100 calorie pack of peanut butter sandwich crackers. A pretty fabulous combination of eats I must say.

Half of a Fabulous Flatbreads (they sent me a whole bunch of products to review and I am JUST getting around to it!) whole-grain naan with baby spinach, leftover andouille chicken sausage, and a bit of shredded mozzarella. I know naan is Indian but these are the ingredients I had on hand so I just went with it! I cooked this in the oven and the naan came out a bit chewy. Other than that it was yummy, but left me hungry.

So I had
Vanilla pudding and honeynut Cheerios. I brought out the box of cereal with me which I knew was a bad idea. Not surprisingly, I ate nearly half the box! But I figured there were much worse things I could be snacking on!!

Today's breakfast...
This mess is vanilla yogurt, Crofter's North America, and honeynut Cheerios which of course I mixed in. Perfection.

And finally, lunch.
An everything bagel thin with veggie cream cheese and cucs, green grapes, a Kashi bar, and baked chips. Still munchin' on the grapes and bar.

Halfway through this week....Hallelujah!


  1. I hope your day takes a turn for the better! =)

  2. Hope today was better for you! Dark chocolate coconut kashi bars are my favorite flavor!

  3. I've never tried that flatbread before- looks good!