June 15, 2010

Back to food...And a review!

So normal blogging resumes. As always, after a weekend of splurging it has been difficult to get back on track, but I have been doing my best.

Skipped a breakfast pic yesterday, but I had my usual vanilla yogurt and honeynut Cheerios. Ready to try something new I think...

I had a salad for lunch.
It was made with baby spinach, grape tomatoes, feta, a chopped up turkey burger, onions, and honey dijon dressing. The salad itself was great but I am still not impressed with the Morningstar Farms turkey burgs. Sooo far from what I am used to! I satisfied my incessant need for dessert with Crofter's Asia on a honey wheat thin. Delicious.

SmartOnes pasta primavera. Like most frozen meals this was dull on it's own but I made it a little more exciting with some spices. Not surprisingly, it left me hardly satisfied and was really looking forward to this...

Deep chocolate Vitatop and vanilla pudding with a small scoop of honey peanut butter.
Vanilla pudding and pb is a magical combination :)

Today's breakfast was a bowl of cinnamon roll oatmeal.
This was the second time I've tried this. The first time I wasn't thrilled, but this time I really enjoyed it. Not sure what was different! I wish it was in the form of a muffin though. Then I would have loved it!

I had a pizzadilla for lunch.
A little different than the usual this time, because I'm short on ingredients. This one had pizza sauce that Bryan made extra tasty with things like sriracha and spices, baby spinach, and some shredded mozzarella. I also had southwestern baked chips and a half a honey wheat thin with Crofter's Europe. This lunch was so good, but I still felt the need to snack all day.

And finally, dinner.
Tuna mixed with salsa con queso on a whole wheat wrap, topped with grape tomatoes. SO much flavor! I had Tuscan three cheese pretzel crisps on the side (review to come soon) and mixed berry applesauce. This meal was a fantastic combination of eats, but alas, I was still hungry. And thus the snacking continued!

Unpictured eats? Pretzels, Life cereal, baked chips, red grapes. (Etc...)

And now...

A review of cinnamon toast Pretzel Crisps.
These are absolutely delicious! They are the perfect healthy alternative to those cinnamony, sugary pretzels you get from the mall that make your mouth water as you walk by. What I also like about these is that they are different from your typical pretzel...thinner, airier, and lighter! So far I've only eaten them by themselves, but I foresee much dippage in chocolate and peanut butter.

Here are the nutritional stats for your viewing pleasure:
Nothing too impressive, but I love that they're low in calories and sugar (despite how sweet they are) and still have got a bit of protein in there.

Having trouble getting back into my workout routine....some encouragement please?


  1. Low in calories, but a decent amount of sodium....and I still really wanna eat those pretzels. Mmm, sounds like such a tasty flavor! I wonder if I'll find a bag in my grocery stores.

  2. I think you should start off slow...I know you like turbo jam so maybe instead of doing Cardio Party, you just do the 20 minute workout...babysteps honey =)

    Thanks for the pretzel review!

  3. Those pretzels sound absolutely amazing...sweet and salty are always such a great combo! Thanks for the review!

  4. That pasta actually looks good and I'm not a huge fan of frozen meals! They never satisfy me either so I figure, why not spend the time and effort on making my own stuff?

    Those pretzel crisps sound really good, I will have to keep an eye out for those babies!

  5. I saw those new pretzels in whole foods markets...I will have to go grab a bag of cinnamon & that Tuscan sounds fantastic too!