June 6, 2010

Sweet stuff.

Breakfast this morning was
Half a honey wheat thin with Naturally More and some chocolate chips. I had blueberries and grapes on the side. This was fairly healthy, delicious, and satisfying. Everything a breakfast should be!

Lunch was a favorite concoction, "Tuna-mole"
Aka, tuna and guacamole...with lots of chip options! Pictured: Lightly salted Lays, FSTG buffalo chips (also some Bold buffalo bites hiding under them), FSTG blue corn chips, and Stacy's everything bagel chips. After I was through I was uncomfortably full and felt that way for a few hours!

I planned for a turkey burger dinner, but my tummy did not agree with said plans. Typical Sunday sweet tooth took over instead, and I snacked on sweet stuff for the rest of the day.

First, a serving of light Moose Tracks ice cream.

Next, sugar-free vanilla pudding and FSTG chocolate chips.

And a cocopop rice cake with honey peanut butter and blackberry jam for dipping.

Then there was some undocumented snacking because I simply could not figure out what I wanted to eat next. I settled on some Doctor Kracker pumpkin seed cheddar flatbreads. Yum!

And last but not least, Fitness recap...

Monday 5/31 - Turbosculpt

Tuesday 6/1 - Total Body Blast, Whittle my middle

Wednesday 6/2 - Cardio Party, Whittle my middle

Thursday 6/3- Turbosculpt, Whittle my middle

Friday 6/4 - 20 minute cardio workout and Rock Hard Body Abs (OnDemand workout)

Saturday 6/5 - Rest day

Sunday 6/6 - Rest day


  1. Haha, I love the sweet "dinner"...sometimes you've just gotta go with your cravings! Hope you have a great Monday!