June 24, 2010


Another day almost gone and I am still going strong. The hardest thing this week was not snacking before and after dinner but I'm happy to say I didn't give in. Not once! Today I am having a really hard time getting myself to work out though, so I'm procrastinating with a post :) I've been fairly productive with just about everything else going on in my life though, so I don't feel too lazy!

A breakfast pic completely slipped my mind this morning but I had vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and a cocopop rice cake. Good? Yes. Boring? Yes.

Now, my lunch wasn't exactly exciting...but it sure was delicious.
I had a salad with baby spinach, red onion, feta, and a cut up turkey burger. All topped with yogurt blue cheese. YUM! I have to confess I am actually salivating just thinking about it. I also had a honey wheat thin with Crofter's Europe to satisfy my need for sweets.

Pizzadilla! A whole-wheat wrap with spinach, pizza sauce, and feta. Also a side of broccoli with garlic hummus. This meal was definitely not an ideal carb/protein ratio, but I'm still happy with it :)

And dessert.
Strawberries dipped in a mix of Cool Whip and Ovaltine. HOLY YUM! While this wasn't full of nutrients, it was low fat and low cal and more importantly, DELICIOUS! I will be having this again very soon!

ALSO I am looking into ordering a new workout series on DVD to help me "kick it up a notch" for the next month. I wasn't a huge fan of Jillian Michaels but I love her OnDemand "Quick Trouble Zones" and am thinking ordering something else of hers. Suggestions??

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  1. The Ovaltine + Cool Whip combo is such a good idea, I need to remember that! Nothing like chocolate and strawberries :)