June 8, 2010

Short and sweet

Hate to have a brief post again, but I'm feeling a little lost for words today! My brain is tired.

So without further ado,

Light & Fit strawberry banana yogurt, honeynut Cheerios, and green grapes. Saved some of the cereal for a late morning snack. Cereal is awesome, but I think I'd have to eat gallons before feeling satisfied.

Leftover kung pao veggies, sandwich style. Loved how stuffed this sandwich was. When the veggies felt out I ate 'em up with a fork and it was like second lunch! I also had a sliced gala apple and barbecue popchips. And Lots of water to wash away the spiciness!!

Black bean burger, topped with sriracha/ketchup, pickles, and southwestern baked chips. Yum.

And then a perfect dessert.
I broke up the Kashi bar and dipped the pieces into a mix of vanilla pudding and honey peanut butter. Heavenly. Beyond bummed that this was my last Kashi bar because I would be having this over and over again!


  1. Hey love! I hope you feel better (mentally) and make sure you get some rest

    That Kung Pao sammie looks muy bueno!

  2. I feel you girl, When I'm lost for words usually a picture montage makes me feel better! I love how you dip your bar into pudding. I looove vanilla pudding.