June 22, 2010


Changes to my diet will be happening gradually. Saving money is one of my top priorities so right now I am eating what I have on hand, even if it's not the healthiest thing, and then going shopping on Sunday to stock up on "better" things.

So, for the next week you will still see cheese (probably only feta), too many snacks, and not enough fruit & veggies. But stay tuned, and hopefully you will notice some positive changes!

Terrible quality picture of breakfast:
Chocolate Cheerios, red grapes, and vanilla yogurt. Yummy yum yum.

As mentioned, a repeat sandwich for lunch.
Thin, hummus, spinach, tomatoes, feta. Glorious. Sandwiches like this make me think I could easily be a vegetarian! I also had cucumbers and yogurt blue cheese and Tuscan three cheese pretzel crisps. These pretzel crisps are great BUT it seems like the flavor isn't distributed evenly throughout the bag. Some are just not flavorful enough.

Tuna wrap fancied up with onion powder, minced garlic, and sriracha. On the side I had broccoli and garlic hummus. Favorite part of this meal? The hummus. Garlic hummus is SOOO good. Instead of just dipping the broccoli in it, I smothered my wrap in it too. I need to buy this more often!!

And finally, OIAJ!
Apple butter style :)
Delicious and filling! Sad to see my apple butter go though :(

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  1. We all have our weeks of less-healthy eating, don't worry about it!! I just tried chocolate cheerios for the first time this morning while babysitting. Yum!