June 5, 2010

Friday Eats.

Clever title, eh?

Yesterday started with dark chocolate oats.
Maple and brown sugar oatmeal mixed with dark chocolate dreams. Perrrrfection.

Next up was a pizzadilla!
With a side of veggies and yogurt blue cheese. Of course I used some blue cheese for my pizzadilla too, because after all, that is one of the world's best combinations! I also ate an unpictured chocolate pudding.

I was hungry for dinner around 4, so I ate dinner at 4 :)
SmartOnes Mac and cheese with peas and topped with cajun seasoning. Delicious and filling.

A South Beach s'mores bar which I was sent in the mail for free. (Yay for free samples) This had a "diet food" taste to it, but was very yummy nonetheless. My stomach has been out of sorts ever since though... not sure if it was all that fiber.

Later on my tummy was grumbling so I had a serving of Trader Joe's gorgonzola crackers and a mini dark chocolate Hershey's bar.

And now, time for more oatmeal!


  1. Breakfast looks delicious...of course, you could put DCD on anything and it would taste amazing, so I'm not surprised!

  2. I love that you use blue cheese too! what is pizzadilla?