June 29, 2010

What's missing?

I've got two whole days of eating to catch you up on!

Yesterday's lunch...
A multigrain thin with roasted chicken, tomato, baby spinach, and light parmesan peppercorn dressing. On the side I had green grapes and the last of my salty pepper Somersaults. (Sad face!) I bought a whole roasted chicken on Sunday so I could still get my protein, but not be stuck with shrimp or turkey. I picked off the white meat and made up little portion size baggies. GREAT idea!

Dinner was
A vegetable medley from Green Giant mixed with more chicken and topped with garlic and pepper. This was delicious, but not very filling, and the snack monster crept up again.

One of my desserts was strawberries and Cool Whip.
I also had about a week's worth of blueberries and grapes. Fresh fruit is just so tasty. There were other snacks...but no photos = no memory of what I ate! Oops!

For lunch today I had a sandwich with cracked pepper hummus, baby spinach, and tomatoes.
This is certainly more exciting with feta (what isn't?!) but was still very very good on its own. I also had sliced cucumbers, honey almonds, and strawberry banana yogurt with some fresh strawberries. The yogurt was really filling...thinking about eating yog for lunch more often.

Bryan cooked dinner which is always such a treat.
He made jalapeno and roasted red pepper chicken sausage and spicy grilled veggies. This meal was phenomenal! Everything had so much flavor. Definitely want to have this again next week. (Hint, hint babe!)

And finally, dessert.
An apple...not sure which kind...plus PB2 for dipping! Happy belly :)

So what's missing? Breakfast! I have been super forgetful about breakfast pics. Quick recap: Monday- vanilla yogurt, chocolate Cheerios, and blueberries. I think...honestly it's hard to remember without a picture!! And today I had chocolate Cheerios, blueberries, and a rice cake with honey...which by the way is my new Obsession! So tasty!!

I've been slacking with fitness recaps but I will be back with one tomorrow!

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  1. Oh my, that chicken sausage dish he made looks absolutely terrific!!

    Cool Whip and strawberries is one of my favorite things ever and is definitely a summer treat for me. I need to buy some cool whip soon for that!