June 30, 2010

Perfectly Pictureless Post

So today was a blogger nightmare. No pictures! But with good reason.

My day started off on a terrible note when I realized I FORGOT MY LUNCH!!!! Noooooooo! For someone who is meticulous about planning their meals and schedules their life around eating...this is basically the worst thing that could happen. I am used to eating my lunch around 11:30 with the kiddos but instead I had to wait til my break at two to get something to eat! I had such a headache. Oy. It made for a long day.

I was so excited to finally eat that I inhaled my veggie sub from Subway (whole-wheat sub with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, banana peppers, vinegar, and oregano) and didn't even think twice about snapping a picture. I also had a bag of parmesan herb Baked Lays, which I hated paying for because I have a whole bag at home, but I knew the sub wouldn't hold me over.

Then, I came home to an apartment smelling of stir-fry. I knew this was bad news because Bryan makes the BEST Asian stir-frys and I simply cannot resist them. So I scratched my plans again, (I was going to have leftover chicken sausage) and picked out and ate nearly every veggie in that stir-fry. I had a little bit of chicken, but avoided the noodles. Confession: when I eat stir-fry I eat it cold, right outta the bowl, with a fork, standing in my kitchen. That's how good it is. I can't even take the time to plate it. Or take pictures for that matter. Such a bad habit!

Then, when it was time for dessert I figured I would just keep up with the no picture taking. I had my first ever caramel Oikos and some green grapes. The yogurt was DIVINE. SOOO much better than the chocolate flavor.

And now, for even more picturelessness.

Fitness Recap

Monday 6/21 - Cardio Party

Tuesday 6/22 - 10lb Slimdown Total Body Blast & Rock Hard Body Abs

Wednesday 6/23 - Turbosculpt

Thursday 6/24 - Jillian Michael's Quick Trouble Zones & Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism

Friday 6/25 - Rest

Saturday 6/26 - Cardio Party

Sunday 6/27 - Turbosculpt

Monday 6/28 - 20 minute cardio workout & Abjam

Tuesday 6/29 - Jillian Michael's Quick Trouble Zones & Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism

I've been giving it my all! But, I'm heading home this weekend and working out at home is always been a real challenge...should be interesting.


  1. Busy day! I'm glad you enjoyed your eats though- that's the important part!

  2. Girl you are working out hard core!! I hope you have a great trip back home this weekend! I know what you mean about not being able to work out as much when you go away, I went home last weekend and did not workout at all!

    Thanks for the congrats! Always nice to hear from you on my blog! xoxo