June 13, 2010

Number 2 & Barbeque.

And the great eats continued as planned. So much to catch you up on!

First, Friday.

Breakfast was oatmeal.
Sadly, even though this was only two days ago, I can't remember what was in my oats! I also had a half a thin with delicious pear butter.

For lunch I had the rest of my Wellsley Farms turkey on a bagel thin with spinach and tomatoes.
I mixed sriracha with a tiny bit of light mayo to give it a creamier consistency and dipped my sandwich in it. So good! I had barbecue popchips on the side.

I neeeeeded dessert,
So I had a 100 calorie pack of Oreo cakesters, vanilla pudding, and strawberries. This really hit the spot.

I had dinner plans with my mom and aunt who were driving up from Westchester for bridal shower number two, but we couldn't get reservations until 7:45, so snacking was necessary. Lots of FSTG chips and Somersaults were consumed. YUM!

We had dinner at the same restaurant as last week, North Shore Grill.

I started out with an Ahi tuna appetizer.
Very salty, but very delicious.

There were also mussels and crab cakes to share.

Their seafood is seriously phenomenal.

Next up was a salad.

And of course there was bread on the table which I was able to resist...
Until our entrees took too long to come out!

But finally my blackened grouper arrived.
And was worth it :)

Saturday started with
An almond butter and raspberry jam sandwich, and frozen grapes.

Then it was time for bridal shower number two! My wonderful future mother-in-law put together an amazing luncheon so that I could celebrate with my Rochester family as well.

Check out the decor.
Not professional, my friends.
This was all done by these two lovely ladies below.
Bryan's mom, Kris, and Grandma Florence.

Lunch was just as impressive.
My plate had two different wraps on it (I went back for a third), pasta salad, potato salad, cheese, and fruit. Fantastic selection. So delicious!

And then amazing cupcakes for dessert.
I rarely eat icing, it is just not my thing, but I ate every last bit of this cupcake including the icing. SO GOOD!

Typical mom/daughter pic.

And me and none other than Melissa from Crunches for Cupcakes!
Family and blogger friends :)

After the shower a bunch of us gathered back at our apartment for a wedding party bbq.
Good times with good friends :)

My plate:
If this was all I ate I would probably felt fine today. However, around midnight I went back for several plates of pasta salad and mac salad, and at least three brownies. Which is probably why I felt like a big pile of yuck this morning! It was as if everything in my belly realized it shouldn't be there and was trying to get out as quickly as possible!!

Great weekend, sad to see it end!


  1. So much fun! Thanks for having us over! And you were gorgeous at your bridal shower.

    If you're still feeling full from yesterday's delicious foods, just grab the fiancee and go for a walk. Walking and getting your blood flowing will help with digestion.

  2. What a pretty shower! Blue and yellow go so well together, are they your wedding colors?

    Mmmm, cupcakes :) I'm the opposite of you- I love icing, but cake isn't my thing. Hope you've had a wonderful Sunday love!!

  3. LOVE What you said on my blog- thats AWESOME!
    you look soo cute girl!!
    what a FUN SHOWER! I Love those!! those cupcakes look amazing!

  4. Awwww sweetie your bridal shower looked like it was great!! I love the cupcakes! And the table decor!!!!

    When are you getting married again??!!

    Yes those sandals are too cute, Forever 21 girl!!!

    Love u!!!!