June 26, 2010

Healthy Choices.

Yesterday was all about making healthy choices. It was a staff development day and they were providing both breakfast and lunch, so I knew there would be some temptations.

For breakfast I brought my own bag of Honeynut and Chocolate Cheerios and hoped there would be some fruit at work.
There was, but nothing too exciting. I had a small Macintosh apple and some red grapes. The apple was so-so but the grapes were yummy.

They ordered wraps from Wegmans for lunch and I requested a veggie one.
I took off the cheese (very tough for me too do!) and instead of chips had more grapes, another so-so apple, and some strawberries I brought from home. This was...eh. Fairly boring, and it certainly didn't fill me up. So, I went back for a turkey wrap and pulled out the turkey, and was left with a lettuce and tomato wrap. Nothing against turkey, but I'm not a fan of Wegmans lunch meat. Overall? The lunches I make myself are much more enjoyable :)

Bryan had dinner waiting for me...
Swordfish in a citrus dill marinade and sauteed spinach. Light and delicious.

An apple with vanilla pudding is already a phenomenal dessert. So how do you make it even better?? Add PB2! Yesterday I was thrilled to receive a jar of PB2, powdered peanut butter, that I had just ordered. I added it to my pudding, and voila! Peanut butter pudding. I ate it with a jazz apple. Perfection!!

Definitely got my fill of fruit yesterday :)

And today's breakfast:
Oatmeal with pear butter. Simple and satisfying.


  1. I prefer homemade wraps to store bought ones as well. That way I can make them just the way i like them!

  2. how mice you had dinner waiting for you! looks yummy.