June 23, 2010

Good, Great, and Better.

That's how my eats went today. Not only did I stick to the new "guidelines" I set for myself, I also thoroughly enjoyed everything I ate. And when my belly is happy, it's a good day.

Breakfast was Good.
It was simple...maple and brown sugar oatmeal...but I sprinkled a ton of cinnamon on top and it made all the difference in the world.

Lunch was Great.
Kung pao veggies on a honey wheat thin, sweet potato FSTG chips, strawberries, and wee bit o' almond butter for dipping. So many positive things to say about this meal. The veggies were delicious as always. The chips.. so tasty. Have I mentioned these are fairly low in sodium and made with all natural ingredients? Nothing like food that is yummy AND good for you. The strawberries were the perfect mix of sweet and tart, and the almond butter was a nice treat.

So how could dinner (which was basically a repeat of lunch) be even better? Well for starters I decreased my carbs by skipping the thin and increased my protein by adding shrimp.
Why haven't I been doing this all along!? I also had some leftover sweet potato chips that I meant to eat during my break but forgot about. Forgetting to eat? That alone made me smile. It's nice to not feel hungry all the time!

Then, I had an awesome dessert.
Vanilla pudding and a braeburn apple. Can't believe I only discovered this combo last week. Easily a new favorite!

Yay for good eats :)


  1. Yay you for sticking with it! everything looks fabulous!

  2. glad you're finding what works for you girl! stir fry veggies are oh-so delicious :) and with added sweet potates? UM YUM.

  3. Cinnamon!! my "go-to" spice for everything !! I go through it so fast, I buy it in the giant restaurant containers at Sam's Club - and it helps regulate your blood sugar, did you know that? So your glucose levels don't spike or drop too low - Perhaps the reason you "forgot" to eat ! Yes, I AM a doctor, I don't just play one on TV !!! xoxoxoxo

  4. kung pao veggies!!? now that is what I call ahmazing - especially with the addition of the shrimp :) love me some good shrimp.