June 7, 2010

Being sick means...

A lackluster post, and a lackluster workout. My apologies for the first thing, and argghhh to the second. I usually take it easy on the weekends so I absolutely hate when Monday rolls around and something gets in the way of me jumping back into my workout routine. Today it was feeling Incredibly Icky that got in the way. I've felt under the weather all day and my 6pm nap only made it worse. I refused to give up exercise altogether though, and did three easy ten minute workouts from OnDemand.

Not too many eats to share with you...

Breakfast was (unpictured) honeynut Cheerios and frozen grapes. Boring!!

An everything bagel thin with light veggie cream cheese and sliced tomatoes. As unexciting as this sounds, it really hit the spot. Simple and delicious. I also had sliced strawberries dipped in dark chocolate dreams (need I say more?) and broccoli and carrots dipped in lite dressing. Looking back it probably wasn't the most healthy choice to have both peanut butter and cream cheese in one meal, but I think the selection of fruit and veggies makes up for it :)

Kung pao veggies for dinner.
Possibly the spiciest batch yet! I'm talking eyes watering, lips burning, nose running...HOT! But taaaaaasty. I paired the veggies with FSTG cheddar chips. Haven't decided if I prefer this combo over the veggies and sweet potato chips.

And finally, dessert.
April's protein brown batter with half of a honey wheat thin. Despite the fact that I added too much water and my peanut butter refused to be mixed, it was rather yummy. And kept me full!

Bridal shower number two is this weekend...please send health tips and positive thoughts my way so I will NOT be sick for it!!!


  1. Eek, no tips b/c when I get sick, I stay sick for a wk but I hope you feel better real soon!

  2. Hope you can ward off that sickness girl!! As much as it sucks to skip a workout, it might be wise to give yourself a rest day this week- let your immune system fight off hat virus!! Feel better love!!