March 4, 2010

3 for 3!

It's official... I am now eating three out of three meals away from home. I obviously pack a lunch for work but now to save more time I am eating my breakfast during my morning commute and my dinner at class. Not crazy about this!!

I had oatmeal mixed with raisins for breakfast and although it was delicious I thought it was boring to look and didn't take a pic!

Lunch was GREAT.
I had my new sandwich obsession: a honey wheat thin with Naturally More peanut butter and apple butter. And I paired it with the perfect side: Dr. Kracker Hummus Maximus crackers dipped in spinach and artichoke cream cheese.
These two are a match made in heaven. New favorite snack!!! Hummus Maximus crackers truly live up to their name and are really great for dipping. 9/10!

Dinner was a repeat of yesterday's lunch...
Wrap with hummus, swiss, and grape tomatoes. I also had cucs, FSTG olive chips, and NOO pretzels. Simple and satisfying.

I came home tonight to a very generous sample of some Foods Alive products.
An awesome selection of flax crackers and flax oil dressings. Can't wait to try these out!

I had plans to do forty minutes of cardio tonight but I'm not sure it's gonna happen. I'm beyond exhausted and my whole body is begging me to just sit and relax and I'm really thinking I should listen.



  1. mmm flax crackers? flax oil? i hope they're delish, can't wait to hear what you think!

  2. Happy Crab rolls sounds awesome and love the name!!! Yay for sushi!!

    I heard those products are great!! Yay that yhey sent you a great package!!!!

    Have a great weekend girl!! xoxo

  3. I have never seen that spinach and artichoke cream cheese before! Cream cheese is one of my weaknesses. It's something I can rarely keep in the house because I abuse it :( Kind of like chocolate haha.