March 8, 2010

What cures a case of the Mondays?

Honey peanut butter. No doubt. But back to that in a second.

Just finished a midterm...took much longer than expected and I am grummmmpy so I'm posting quick!


Lackluster breakfast.
Had a rushed morning so I grabbed an apple. I didn't even remember to take a pic before I left so I snapped a quick one with my phone on the way to work. Obviously, it wasn't enough to hold me over.

So by the time it was time for lunch I scarfed this down!
Weird combo, eh? Asian veggies with kung pao sauce and pb&j made with PB&Co's dark chocolate dreams and Crofter's Organics Asia fruit spread. Veggies were even better leftover and the pb&j was GREAT! Chocolate and raspberry...who doesn't love that combo? Gotta say though, I'm still more in love with Naturally More and apple butter.

And now for my beautiful dinner!
Check out that bowl of slop! I threw together refried beans, a black bean burger (beans beans they're good for your heart...) and some taco sauce. Tasted much better than it looks!

And then there was dessert.
Chocolate pretzels and honey peanut butter. Oh sweet honey peanut butter, how I love thee. If you don't own this, buy it. I swear this peanut butter brightened up my whole day :)

Quick fitness recap... I abjammed it up yesterday and then wanted to try something out on Exercise OnDemand. I try to do that on Sundays to switch up my routine a little. I went through a couple things that weren't a good fit (Jillian Michaels being not like her) and decided on "Cardioke". ...a cardio dancing and singing mix. Yep, it was as corny as it sounds. The instructor was Billy Blanks' son which made me laugh. I goofed on it the whole time but I did work up a sweat so I was happy. My plan was to do turbosculpt tonight but I got home much later than usual so I'll have to see what I have time for after I digest.



  1. honey pb sounds awesome, i guess i'll have to make my own by mixing honey and pb lol

  2. YOUR DESSERT LOOKS AMAZING!! pretzels and PB? heck to the YES!