March 16, 2010


Not having grad classes at night (due to being on spring break) may result in:
  • An inability to follow any sort of meal plan
  • A strong desire to nap
  • A lack of motivation to exercise
Oi! Seriously, even though eating at home is great, it's much easier for me to stay on track when my meal is packed and portioned out for me. After dinner I couldn't stay out of the kitchen, and then to make matters worse I took a big fat nap! When I woke up I was in that post-nap "funk" and it was very difficult to get myself to workout. But, I did!

It's already almost 9 o'clock, aka my old lady bedtime, so let's jump right into some eats.

Breakfast was some good ol' Ovaltine oats.
Not enough Ovaltine. Nuff said!

For lunch I had some cracked pepper turkey on a (Dr. Kracker) pumpkin seed cheddar flatbread.
Yummmy! On the side I had a pink lady apple... it tasted pretty much like a red delicious to me, but tasty nonetheless. I also had some barbecue popchips, which I don't think I'll ever get tired of! Oh, and those grapes in the pic were a late morning snack :)

During dinner I made up a nice fresh salad to get my veggie fix.
I had a mix of baby spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, and grape tomatoes. I made a zesty dressing of yogurt ranch and Frank's red hot. This was delicious. I also snacked on a whole bunch of grape tomatoes after...I don't think I ever realized how yummy those little guys are!

Clearly I could never be satisfied with just a salad, (who can?!) so I made up my favorite sweet butter and Naturally More on a honey wheat thin.
I also had some Dr. Kracker's seeded spelt crackers on the side...which I looove love love.

There was mucho snacking before, during, and after dinner, and sadly the only thing that comes to mind is more pb and NOO alphabet grahams...which are now gone! Sadness!

Because it's late I won't be getting to reading and/or commenting on other blogs tonight. Please forgive meeee!

What are you up to this spring break?


  1. Ovaltine oats sound genius! I haven't had that stuff since I was a kid, but just thinking of it brings back good memories :)

  2. i have a ton of dr kracker crackers waiting to be tasted!! isn't it weird how we loathe having to go to classes sometimes, but then when we don't have them we crave the structure they bring? i feel ya!