March 26, 2010


  • Is a day you should have off from work.
  • Is a day you should sleep in late.
  • Is a day that should be spent with your DVR.
  • Is a day you should do no work for school.
None of that holds true for me today which is why I'm not a fan of this Friday!! But, I'm trying to be more positive, so on the bright side, I thoroughly enjoyed today's eats!

For breakfast I had a strawberry banana yogurt- my favorite light&fit flavor so far.
I also had some honey almond cereal...which was a part of this awesome sampler package that Kay's Naturals sent me!
I really enjoyed the cereal- it was similar to Cheerios but with more flavor and much airier. I am super excited to try out the other products!

Lunch was a mini buffet of snacks.
I had some cucumbers, garlic hummus, Naturally More on-the-go pb (which is much better out of the jar), strawberries, Dr. Kracker hummus maximus crackers, and Kay's cinnamon toast pretzel sticks. The pretzels made the meal! So good!!!

For dinner I had sauteed spinach with shrimp and loaded it with parmesan cheese. DELICIOUS...I wish the portion was bigger!
I also had some reduced fat cheddar on seedlander snackers topped with strawberries. I have been seeing this cheese and berry combo all over the blog world and am so happy I got to try it for myself. It is awesome!

Dessert was a honey wheat thin topped with almond butter.
I also sprinkled a little Ovaltine. I know chocolate protein powder would be a better choice but I've been putting off buying it because it's 'spensive!

My Friday night is looking pretty blah: some cardio and then group projects. What have you got planned?

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  1. I keep seeing Kay's Naturals products on the blogworld, and they always look soo good!! And the Ovaltine is such a yummy choice, even without the protein...sometimes you just gotta indulge!! Have a great weekend!!