March 18, 2010

My mind is here...

But my stomach is on spring break! I'm convinced that the way I've been eating is due to the fact that I should be on spring break. I put so much effort into planning out my meals and then when I get home my plans go right out the window and I eat everything in sight! Oh well. It's spring break!

I remembered to take a picture of my breakfast!
I had maple and brown sugar oats (as I always do) with some apple butter. Yum!

Lunch was turkey and cheddar on a multigrain thin.
With some broccoli and honey mustard for dipping, as well as FSTG jalapeno chips. I think I was too distracted by my toaster mishap last night to give these a review...they were GREAT! I swear I could taste all the flavors of nachos all in one chip. The rest of the lunch was good too... but the cheddar was not as sharp as I hoped. I like my cheese strong.

On my break I was craving some juice and tried a new Fuze flavor:
Tangerine grapefruit. Delicious! A little light on the grapefruit flavor, but good nonetheless!

For dinner I had ate an open faced multigrain thin with spinach and artichoke cream cheese
Topped with sauteed spinach. I wish I could have eaten this meal twice!

After dinner I snacked a LOT on things like caramel popcorn, dried cranberries and fire roasted crisps.

Then I made myself a delectable dessert.
I smothered a chocolate mint Vitatop in strawberry cheesecake yogurt. This would have been better if I used a regular chocolate Vitatop, but I'm all out. The goodness is Bryan saw them in Wegman's... I didn't think they carried them! I liked the yogurt, but like one of the others I tried, I could really only taste the strawberry, how annoying! Guess that's what I get for buying the low calorie stuff. Now I know better!


  1. yayyyy spring break!! enjoy it!

  2. I love honey mustard! Enjoy your spring break!

  3. Enjoy your spring break chickie!!!!!! Your lunch looks so good.