March 7, 2010

The reason behind Sunday snacking!

Today was yet another day of feeling like a bottomless pit. On the bright side I realized why it's especially hard to control my eating on Sundays. There's rarely any good TV on Sundays so we usually give in to watching shows all about stuffing your face with unhealthy goodness like The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network or this:
on the Travel Channel. So, all day long I watch people indulge in 10 pound cheeseburgers and fried donuts and crave everything I see. I mean, some of the things are so fatty they are borderline disgusting, but still! I get so hungry watching these shows that I have to snack, and of course nothing satisfies me the way a big juicy burger and fries or cheesecake would so I go back for more! So, how to solve this problem??

To backtrack I had perfect pb and apple butter oats for breakfast but had to rush out the door to volunteer at an event so I forgot to snap a pic. Oh well! You've seen 'em before :)

Lunch was swiss and cheese cucumbers on a thin with sriracha
and sweet potato chips. Not an exciting meal, but still so yummy. Lovin the cucs and swiss combo!

For dinner Bryan cooked me up some Asian medley veggies in Kung Pao sauce.
These were MOUTH ON FIRE spicy and sooo delicious. I couldn't eat more than two bites without cooling down with water though! Lookin forward to the leftovers :)

My snack choices of the day were NOO raisins and

Dr. Kracker Apple Crisps...
Wow these are addicting! They are just sweet enough to satisfy a craving for dessert but still have a cracker like taste to them. 8.5/10!

I also snacked on a few other things that went unpictured such as half an Arnold thin and some AMAZINGGG Asia fruitspread. YUM-MY!

Now, someone talk to me about John Dewey and functionalism. Please???


  1. i have to check out the 101 best places to eat - i wonder if there are any in my area!

  2. I love Dr. Kracker's, but I've never seen the apple crisps! They sound tasty :) Have a great week!

  3. the 101 list featured 2 places from our area: Dinosaur BBQ and Nick Tahous (garbage plates!)

  4. so weird, i have those exact same products waiting to be sampled!!

  5. Haha I have the same problem on weekends- I always watch Phantom Gourmet and then all I want to do is eat all day!

  6. I have found myself watching those shows on the weekend while on the elliptical. The whole workout I end up thinking about what I want to eat! Kid of counter-productive!

  7. was the kung pao sauce from a bottle or did he make it? I would love to try this.

  8. it was from a bottle.. found it in Wegmans in the Asian foods section.. forget the brand name (sorry!)

    added some salt, ground black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.