March 3, 2010

Halfway there!

We're halfway there! Anyone else as excited as me for this week to be over?

Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday. There are just not enough hours in the day.

Let's back track to Tuesday...

Oats n' jam! This was actually the first time I've had jam in my oatmeal and I loved it. I'm starting to really like fruit spreads!

Bryan and I had a lunch date at Great Northern Pizza. I love seeing him during the day :) I ordered the Greek Veggie wrap and they actually gave me a wrap this time! Yay!
As it turned out, I think I preferred eating this salad style! Ya know how sometimes wraps are rolled so that you can't get all the yummy ingredients in in one bite? Bums me out! But regardless, give me cucs, tomatoes, kalamatas, fresh mozz, roasted peppers, and onions and I'm a happy camper.
Doesn't this look like you're racing towards the wrap? Totally planned this...definitely not a result of poor photography skills :) It also kinda represents how I lunged at that baby. I was hungry!!!

Bryan got a custom pizza with...
No cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, and spicy ground beef. Or something like that. Of course I gave this a taste, and loved it. I'm a meat lover at heart.

And quality pic.
Turkey and spinach and artichoke cream cheese on a thin (my favvvv), cucs and light dressing, and barbecue popchips. A perfect meal :)

Forgot to take a picture of my breakfast today, woops. I had about three slices of a tangerine and got frustrated by the seeds and wound up having some frozen grapes and a chocolate Special K bar. Not the most spectacular breakfast by any means.

Lunch was a whole-wheat wrap with hummus and sriracha, swiss cheese, and grape tomatoes.
I had green grapes and Food Should Taste Good OLIVE chips on the side. Grapes were good, wrap was great, chips were awesome! FSTG chips have really subtle flavors which is perfect for a kalamata olive chip. Yum!

For dinner I threw together a black bean burger (Morningstar) with pickles, red onion, and ketchup and sriracha.
Such an easy meal, and so delicious. I ate this in less than five minutes because a) I was starving and b) I was anticipating the dessert I had been thinking about all day...

A deep chocolate vitatop and vanilla pudding!
Mixed together :)

Fitness recap... cardio party on Tuesday, getting ready for abjam tonight.

Gotta go catch up on some blog reading!


  1. mmmmmm that pizza looks GOOD! girl, im all about some meat!! whooo!!!
    i love your pudding+vita combo!

  2. Vita tops are so good! I have been having one every night with yogurt : ) dessert!!!

    Yes imitation crab is so good!! I eat it right out of the bag!!

    love ya!! xoxo

  3. i love fruit spreads and vita tops (even together!)

  4. Food Should Taste Good Chips are the BEST!! They sent me a crap load of coupons for free stuff too - !!!! Try the Jalapeno flavored ones too- they're spicy and deeee-licious!!!