March 10, 2010

Runnin' out

As I get lower and lower on groceries, my meals are getting less and less interesting. My apologies to both my readers and my tummy for being a little dull!

Breakfast was exactly what I was craving.
Ovaltine oats! So simple and so tasty. I ate this in the car on my commute to work. I swear breakfast tastes better when I'm eating it at home. My old routine was to take a break from getting ready and crawl back into bed with my oats and watch TV for ten minutes. Breakfast in bed in much nicer than breakfast in the car!

For lunch I had a bowl of tuna (perfection, thank you Bryan)
With some cucumbers and dressing, bbq popchips and pretzels. I am now out of ALL of the things you see in this picture. I am seriously pumped for my Wegman's trip this Saturday!

I wasn't thrilled with my dinner choice but the past few times I've had refried beans the leftovers have gone to waste so I was trying hard to use these up.
I broke up a tortilla and toasted it, topped it with with beans (mixed with sriracha) and then generously sprinkled on some parmesan cheese. Not bad! Cheese makes everything better :)

For dessert I had my last vanilla pudding and mixed in the last of my chocolate pretzels.
See? I am seriously running out of food! Prepare for some lackluster meals for the next two days! Regardless, this was a great, low calorie dessert!

I only did about 30 minutes of cardio last night because all of a sudden my legs felt like jello and I just didn't feel right so I thought I should listen to my body and stop. I was bummed but I knew it was the best decision. Tonight's plan is 20 minutes of cardio (turbojam of course) and then abjam!


  1. i am running out of foooood too! cleaning out the fridge for spring break!! haha. good for you for listening to your body girl! its SO worth it , the day after ou always have a ballin workout!

  2. Ahhhhhh ovaltine oats sound delish!!!!!

    U need to try those cherry oats girl!!

    love u!!! xoxoxo

  3. hmmm I'm sorry but your eats look good to me lol...Oats (check), Refried beans (check), Pudding (check)...yup great eats in my book!

  4. lol i haven't had ovaltine since iw as like 6!!

  5. I've had a lot of chocolate mixes in my life and Ovaltine is far and away the best one.