March 13, 2010

A full fridge and a happy belly!

Not only is my fridge fully stocked now, I have also been filling myself up with some delicious eats!

Let's rewind to Friday night.

Remember those OIAJ I predicted?
I used an almost empty jar of white chocolate wonderful and mixed in some maple and brown sugar oats with some melted NOO dark chocolate. BLEW MY MIND! The secret behind these oats was definitely the dark chocolate plus the fact that there was way more pb than I usually use.

We decided to make the most of our Friday night and get our food shopping done.
I came home with so many goodies! Some things I'm especially excited about: Yoplait parfaits which I saw on Namaste Mari, Kashi soft-baked blackberry bars, FSTG Jalapeno chips, and 100 calorie packs of golden Oreos. Not to mention LOTS of fresh veggies and fruit, and I replaced my spinach and artichoke cream cheese and dark chocolate dreams! Yay for a full fridge!

Remember how I said the almond butter grape combo would make another appearance?
Here it is! This morning's breakfast. A little blurry. Can't get over how good this is though!

Before I made my own breakfast, I made breakfast for a special someone :)

Bryan's birthday is Monday and I couldn't come up with any spectacular gift ideas so instead I've been giving him a little surprise everyday leading up to Monday. Today's surprise was cinnamon buns topped with orange cream icing.
I was sooo tempted to eat one of these babies!

For lunch I made my own version of Applebee's veggie patch pizza. Before pic:
All I did was spread some spinach and artichoke cream cheese on a wheat wrap, topped it with fresh bruschetta, toasted it and Voila!
Sure, I eliminated a few ingredients like mushrooms and mozzarella but it actually tasted even better than their pizza! And much healthier! I also had some cucumbers and caesar dressing on the side.

After lunch I did a 20 minute cardio workout and abjam and felt great :) Then I finalllly dragged myself to get a much needed haircut. Doesn't really look any different, so no pics!

To hold myself over until dinner I snacked on some FSTG sweet potato chips and Cedar's roasted garlic hummus. I got this hummus for free thanks to the coupons Cedar's sent me and it was awesome! SO garlicky!

Part of Bryan's birthday gift was also dinner on me so off we went to California Rollin' for some of the best sushi ever.

The weather in Rochester was MISERABLE today so I dressed for winter.
This is my "I'm going to pretend I don't see the camera" face, haha.

Dinner was phenomenal. We started off with some edamame. Our server dumped a few pieces on the table (which we gobbled up anyway) and he brought us an extra bowl to make up for it!

We each ordered two rolls.
I got the Oakland roll: snowcrab, avocado, Japanese mayo, and hot sauce, and the Happy Crab: crab stick, cream cheese, Japanese mayo, avocado, cucumber, and bacon. OMG these were beyond delicious.
Bryan's rolls were a little less extravagant. He got the Salmon Diablo: salmon with scallions and chili garlic sauce, and the Carly roll: yellowtail and avocado.

For dessert I gave in and let myself enjoy a cinnamon bun. It was so worth it :)

My belly is so very happy after today's eats. AND, I will be splurging tomorrow for a birthday dinner for Bryan with his parents. Stay tuned!


  1. you mean you didn't have a cinnamon roll? too bad, they look awesome! lol love the sliced grapes, you're a pro, i would probs just squish em

  2. What yummy looking sushi!! Definitely one of my favorite dinners. WCW is the one PB&Co. flavor I haven't tried, I need to get on that!!

  3. Those cinnamon buns look great!!

    The Yoplait parfaits are great and a wonderful treat :)

  4. I ran out of my parfaits...sad panda...I need to stock up my fridge lol. What flavor did you get????

    Philly makes the Artichoke Cream Cheese???? I might have to give it a try =)

    You look so cute in that outfit! The weather has been miserable!